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THE CLASSROOM makes its fourth trip to the west coast for LAABF17. This curated series of conversations, workshops, readings and other artist-led programs is also an informal venue for artists, writers and publishers to feature new releases and present their publications, organized by David Senior of the Museum of Modern Art Library. Located in Gallery E. 




Schedule TBA




1:00 – 2:00 pm
So This is Where We Meet, a reading and performance with Slow Research Lab
“What information reaches you now through your nose, the surface of the skin on the back of your calves?” Netherlands-based creative platform Slow Research Lab facilitates a reading and participatory performance of an essay from their just-published book, Slow Reader: A Resource for Design Thinking and Practice. The text by researcher Lotte van Gelder introduces her immersive body/movement workshops, e designed to bring practitioners of architecture and design into heightened awareness of their own bodies as well as of the constellation of other bodies and diverse spatial conditions in which they operate. Presented by Valiz.


2:00 – 3:00 pm
Las Antillas para los Antillanos
Artists Monica Rodriguez and Hailey Loman will discuss the project Las Antillas para los Antillanos, using Ramon Emeterio Betances’ 19th century phrase The Antilles for the Antilleans as a starting point this project takes the form of an archive of material contributions from Caribbean artists, historians, writers and thinkers. The project’s first iteration is now housed at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA). The two artists will talk about the archive in terms of artist project – as a mechanism for generating dialogue through an articulation of collective social exchange. The conversation will touch on LACA and Las Antillas para los Antillanos both being living collections constantly shifting based off the materials that they acquire.


3:00 – 4:00 pm
DISTRACTED-DRAMA: A performance of books
split/fountain and New Laconic present a live performance of recently published books. In collaboration with and performed by local actors, these readings will enact the words of artists, writers, and poets while using book design as choreography for physical space. distracted-drama is inspired by distracted-reader, a publication series founded and edited by Layla Tweedie-Cullen and Allan Smith, which sees “rhythmised literacies of image, text, and concept. distracted-reader does thinking as making, and print design as speculative thought.” distracted-drama extends the “readerly parkour” of distracted-reader and offers the book as a compact laboratory for movement, energy, action, and play.


4:00 – 5:00 pm
Mr. Peanut Visits Los Angeles
Join Berlin and Vancouver-based artist Vincent Trasov for a discussion on his new book Mr. Peanut Drawings published by New Documents. In 1972, Trasov assumed the identity of Mr. Peanut donning a handmade paper mâché replica of the mascot of the Planters Peanut Company. Soon after, he produced The Mr. Peanut Mayoralty Campaign of 1974, a twenty-day performance developed in collaboration with members of the Vancouver arts community. The legume quickly became Trasov’s cipher and central component of his practice. Presented by New Documents in conjunction with the release of Mr. Peanut Drawings, available at booth H11.


5:00 – 6:00 pm
Teen Angels Magazine
Long before MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other form of social media existed, if you were a teenager or young adult from the Varrio and wanted to know what was happening in other Varrios across the United States, there was only one place to find out, Teen Angels Magazine. From the late 70’s through the 90’s, Teen Angels Magazine gave young Chicanos an outlet to connect with other Chicanos through dedications, pen pals, poems, photos and art. The Teen Angels Magazine exhibit at the LAABF, featuring the art of Teen Angel and the magazine he created, comes from from the collections of David De Baca and Bryan Ray Turcotte. Join us and find out more as David De Baca discusses the history and vision of the underground artist, Teen Angel and the magazine he created.


6:00 – 7:00 pm
Attraper Au Vo and Wayward Cognitions,
Um Yeah Arts hosts a talk with Ed Templeton and Fred Mortagne. Exploring topics such as intention, creating bodies of work, making books, etc. they will discuss the photographic practices found in their UYA books “Attraper Au Vol” and “Wayward Cognitions”. The discussion is guided by the artist Thomas Campbell.




All day, intermittently:
J&L Books, Will Brown, and William Roper
A lone tuba wanders the fair to celebrate the late Bruce Conner and his Brass Handles.


12:00 – 1:00 pm
a curving wave that never breaks, by Ignacio Perez Meruane
A conversation between Ignacio Perez Meruane and David Kasprzak on Colpa’s latest publication a curving wave that never breaks. The book serves as a continuation of Perez Meruane’s 2015 exhibition “Circuitos” at galería tajamar in Santiago, Chile. Presented by Colpa Press


1:00 -2:00 pm
Low Ropes Course, by Jesse Harrod, in conversation with Tanya Aguiñiga and Danny Orendorff
Join an open conversation among sculptor and installation artist Jesse Harrod, L.A.-based, artist/designer/craftsperson Tanya Aguiñiga and curator Danny Orendorff. Harrod’s new book from Publication Studio Hudson, Low Ropes Course, combines the rich visuals of an exhibition catalogue with both formal commentary and free-flowing conversation with fellow artists working in the veins of craft, queerness, the Maximalism aesthetic, and feminist politics. Presented by Publication Studio Hudson



SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25 (cont’d)  


2:00 – 3:00 pm
People Talking About Things
In celebration of THE THING Quarterly’s 10th anniversary, visual artists Amanda Ross-HO, Ricky Swallow and writer/novelist Jonathan Lethem will be speaking about an object that has some personal significance. Presented by THE THING Quarterly.


3:00 – 4:00 pm
DUETS book launch with Annie Sprinkle, Ben Cuevas, and Beth Stephens
To launch DUETS: Ben Cuevas & Annie Sprinkle in Conversation, the latest volume of Visual AIDS’ DUETS publication series, artists Annie Sprinkle, Ben Cuevas and Beth Stephens engage in a conversation moderated by Visual AIDS Associate Director Esther McGowan on art, knitting, postporn, ecosex, HIV, love, loss, risk, activism, feminism, go-go dancing, orgasms, humor, death and more. As a queer, male-bodied, HIV-positive artist, Cuevas’ work challenges viewers’ fears of HIV and helps revive a queer culture lost to AIDS and gentrification. Annie Sprinkle and her collaborative partner Beth Stephens join the conversation to discuss their longterm work at the forefront of art and performance, provoking sex-positive practices and activism as well as pollinating ecosexual art and theory around the planet. DUETS is a series of publications published by Visual AIDS that pairs artists, activists, writers, and thinkers in dialogues about their creative practices and current social issues around HIV/AIDS. Presented by Visual AIDS


4:00 – 5:00 pm
DESPITE WHAT YOU MIGHT’A HEARD, I LIKE PEOPLE with Darin Mickey and Jason Fulford
Darin Mickey’s new book of photographs, Death Takes a Holiday represents a middle-aged man restlessly clinging to his youth and the hope of finding that elusive artifact to make anxiety subside and keep the reaper at bay. He shows us a community of recluses brought together by obsession and a pure love of music. This presentation will focus on Val Shively, owner of R&B Records in Upper Darby, PA. Val is one of the world’s experts and biggest collectors of 1950s vocal group 45s. Mickey and Fulford will play a selection of Val’s rare 45s along with an audio interview and photographs, both vintage and new. Presented by J&L Books.


5:00 – 6:00 pm
IRL, Talk/Performance by Yung Jake
Culture-jamming artist and rapper Yung Jake introduces to the collaborative project with editor and publisher of SPHERES Publication, Philippe Karrer. While going through it, Jake will give the audience a insight into his creative mind. He will be instagraming, tweeting, texting and creating images. The talk turns into an IRL synopsis on how the artist consumes online and uses the Iphone as his tool to create visual language. Presented by SPHERES Publication


6:00 – 7:00 pm
This program includes slides, video, and performative readings that explore the personal narrative. Using documentary, diaristic, and confessional storytelling, the artist channels the power of self to understand elements of the basic human condition— Who am I? Where am I from? These insights help us orient and ground ourselves within what can often feel like an absurd world. Oral and visual performances include Kayla Ephros, Maggie Lee, Justin Smith, Vinnie Smith, and Deana Uribe. Presented by Jennifer Shear.




2:00 – 3:00 pm
Veteranas and Rucas : The Instagram account archiving Southern California’s Chicana Youth Subculture, with Guadalupe Rosales and Barbara Calderón
A conversation between Veteranas & Rucas founder Guadalupe Rosales and art writer Barbara Calderón about the Instagram account’s beginnings as a casual archival project and its maturation into a platform for historical representation. Rosales has created a space where the narratives of counterculture are shared by insiders as opposed to the conventional retelling of history by the outsider. Other themes of the talk will be social media and the role of technology as an instrument in democratizing historical authorship and how this reframing effect will translate into how communities are represented.


4:00 – 5:00 pm
Sex Magazine x Hard To Read, with Asher Penn and Fiona Duncan
Asher Penn is the Founder & Editor of Sex, an online-only culture magazine launched in the summer of 2012. Having recently released an anthology of the magazines first 10 issues with Powerhouse Books, Asher Penn will speak with Fiona Duncan, a longtime contributor and outspoken fan of the publication. Topics to be discussed should will include online publishing, Contemporary DIY, interview styles, and more.


SPECIAL PROGRAMMING in the Theatre (Gallery W)
at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
Admission is free for all sessions, but space is limited.
General admission is first-come-first-seated.


7:00 – 8:00 pm
SCREEN: Hannah Black

SCREEN presents a screening of recent video-works from Berlin-based artist and writer, Hannah Black. Her video and installation work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Arcadia Missa, London (2015); and Legion TV, London (2013). Black has presented performances and given readings at the New Museum, Interstate Projects, and Cage in New York and at Whitechapel, the Showroom, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Cafe OTO in London. Her writing has appeared in the New Inquiry, Texte zur Kunst, Harper’s magazine, and Artforum, among other publications, and her next book will be published by Verso in 2017. SCREEN: Hannah Black is organized by Marco Kane Braunschweiler and will include a post-screening conversation with the artist.
1:00 – 2:00 pm
Donald Judd Writings
Launch of Donald Judd Writings, with conversation between Co-Editors Flavin Judd and Caitlin Murray. Presented by Judd Foundation and David Zwirner Books.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (cont’d)
2:30 – 3:30pm
Frieze Magazine Presents: Dodie Bellamy in conversation with Patrick Staff

In this talk hosted by Frieze magazine, novelist Dodie Bellamy and artist Patrick Staff will discuss visibility, identity, embodiment and nuances of subjectivity in literature and visual art.
4:00 – 5:30 pm
Talk curated by Martha Kirszenbaum and Myriam Ben Salah

Details TBA
6:00 – 7:00 pm
INFLATED: The underground films of Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins between 1991-95

INFLATED is a compilation of animated Blow up doll underground films made by Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins between 1991-95. In a series of 7 different raunchy, drug addled, pornographic short films Candy and her best friend Summer fuck, snuff, smoke and beat their way through 60 min of some of the most ludicrous scenes ever shot on VHS and Hi-8 video. Program will run 60 min with filmmaker’s Q and A.

A dynamic, two-day program focused on emerging practices and debates within art-book culture. The Conference is organized by the CABC Committee, a national group of art library professionals. Events will take place in the Theatre (Gallery W), located in the rear of the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA’s Building 4.
This year’s conference features a keynote address by AA Bronson.
Admission is free for all sessions, but space is limited. General admission is first-come-first-seated.
12:30 – 2:00 pm
X-TRA presents Artists’ Books Change Lives

Fifteen invited artists read passages from books that changed their lives. The series of short three-minute presentations will be accompanied by images selected by the artists to illustrate the readings.
2:30 – 4:30 pm
re: the FURIES

This panel brings together the artists published in re: the FURIES (CASSANDRA Press, 2017) for a discussion on the impassioned female voice — the angry woman and how rage is read and consumed by the art world. Panelists will discuss the professional limitations for women who make work centered around aggression, antagonistic language, or pessimism. We will share our views on how the underrepresented woman — the hysteric, the witch, the lesbian — function to serve feminist histories or to reinscribe patriarchic modes of exchange or ideological assumptions; and how marginalized female images, voices, and politics are systemically separated, co-opted, or erased within the art market and industry when they are produced by women. The panel will summarily look at the marginalization of female power and discuss the contemporary parameters for expressing the contrarian — from political dissent to personal dissatisfaction, whether online, in intimate or public space, and within a realm of political aesthetics.
Funding for the Conference is supported by generous donations from Blum & Poe, David Kordansky Gallery, and Gagosian Gallery.
5:00 – 7:00 pm

An autobiographical romp through the world of artists’ books, from the 60s to today, from underground newspapers to queer zines, through the eyes and words of AA Bronson. From his beginnings in a free school and commune, through his 25 years as one of the artists of General Idea, his deep involvement with founding and developing collaborative and social structures such as FILE Magazine, Art Metropole, the LA Art Book Fair, and AA Bronson’s School for Young Shamans, as well as through his current collaborations with younger generations, he has focused on the politics of decision-making and on living life radically as social sculpture.
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Making a Splash: WET Magazine

This panel brings together a group of architects, artists, graphic designers, performers, poets, writers, and bathers who collaborated on the making of WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing. WET Magazine was published from 1976 to 1981 in Venice, California. In both content and design, this eclectic magazine combined the aesthetics of 1970s Venice Beach culture, Los Angeles punk rock, and California hippies, alongside articles about bathing, hot tubs, showering, and personal hygiene. A lively panel discussion about the history and making of WET Magazine includes participants Leonard Koren, Kristine McKenna, Lewis MacAdams, The Dark Bob, and others.
3:30 – 5:30 pm
Artists’ Publications: Alternative to What?

Participants: Haegue Yang, taisha paggett, Gelare Khoshgozaran and Eunsong Kim (, Michelle Dizon

located outside the Geffen Contemporary (A) 
Programmed by Printed Matter Inc.
from The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black


Programmed by Printed Matter Inc.
Schedule coming soon!
Programmed by KCHUNG Radio
Schedule coming soon!
Programmed by Kill Your Idols
Schedule coming soon!


The LA Art Book Fair is pleased to host a variety of exhibitions at this year’s event.
Teen Angels Magazine, Kill Your Idols and Printed Matter proudly present TEEN ANGELS, an exhibition around the artist known as Teen Angel, who in 1977 began working full time as an artist and writer for Lowrider Magazine. His art graced the pages regularly and he soon became well known as ‘The Lowrider Artist’ amongst the underground Lowrider culture. This was a tumultuous time for Lowriders as they were not respected or accepted amongst mainstream society, yet Teen Angel had a way of depicting the Lifestyle in a fun whimsical way with his “Bubble Head” figures and colorful art. Not only was he a Lowrider Artist, but a Lowrider Historian as well – he had a regular column in Lowrider Magazine, Cruising into the Past, documenting the history of the Lowrider and Chicano Lifestyles. In 1981 he ventured into publishing on his own and started Teen Angels Magazine; with no constraints, he was able to create a magazine just the way he wanted. Much edgier than Lowrider Magazine, Teen Angels Magazine featured artwork, dedications, photographs, poems and articles all focusing on life in the streets of the Varrios of California and the Southwest. Where others saw blight and despair, Teen Angel saw beauty and life. His magazine gave a voice and an outlet to the young Chicanos in the Varrio, to the gangsters in prison and to young girls looking for love. Rejected by the larger chain stores, the only place to find Teen Angels Magazine was in liquor stores and the small mom-and-pop markets in the ‘hood’. Teen Angel went on to create over 200 issues which today are still highly collectable due to their rarity. He passed away in early 2015, but his legacy lives on through Teen Angels Magazine.
Untitled (Designs for Colby Poster Co.) by Peter Coffin
The LA Art Book Fair presents a selection of lithograph prints from the series Untitled (Designs for Colby Poster Co.) by Peter Coffin. Created in the house style of the Colby Poster Printing Co. – the LA-based print shop that churned out iconic “show print” posters from 1946 to 2012 – Coffin has stripped away the usual black text to create dreamy three-color gradients suggestive of LA’s smog-lined sunsets. Since 2008, more than 75 artists, curators and musicians have devised fictitious concert line-ups at Coffin’s invitation. These works are collected in Imaginary Concerts, a new publication by Peter Coffin released through Printed Matter and Anthology Editions, published to coincide with the LA Art Book Fair.
Boo-Hooray presents The Living Theatre Archive In A Box. Collecting half a century’s worth of materials that document the work of one of the most influential theatre troupes in American history, this assemblage publication is unique as the contents are original materials preserved by members of The Living Theatre. These posters, handbills, programs, and photographs were designed and produced by members of the theatre parallel to art movements of the time spanning the early 1950’s through the 1990’s. The Living Theatre Archive In A Box is a numbered edition of 200 that contains dozens of posters, handbills, pamphlets, programs, and photographs contained within a stenciled box. Boo-Hooray will stage A Living Collage in their booth for the duration of the fair and give away Living Theatre posters in exchange for donations supporting Printed Matter.
David Zwirner Books is proud to present a project space dedicated to Donald Judd Writings, which features an extraordinary library table designed by this legendary American artist and on loan from his home in Marfa, Texas. Co-published with Judd Foundation and edited by the artist’s son, Flavin Judd, the book is a remarkable and comprehensive compilation of Donald Judd’s writings, spanning from 1958 to 1993. Included are hundreds of previously unpublished notes, along with letters, early graduate school papers, and his more well-known essays.
Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present FLASH FLASH FLASH, an exhibition as tattoo parlor.
Following the success of the same project at the NY Art Book Fair 2016, Gagosian has recruited six new artists, including Kenneth Anger, The Haas Brothers, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Analia Saban to create original flash art for the Los Angeles incarnation. Professional tattoo artists from the world famous Shamrock Social Club will be inking these specially commissioned designs inside the booth. Tattoos will be hand-numbered on the bodies of the purchasers, and once six people have a tattoo, the design will be retired forever. In addition to their permanence on patrons’ bodies, each original flash artwork has been produced as a limited print in an edition of six by The Lapis Press. Brian Roettinger has designed a special-edition book and relics acknowledging the authenticity of each tattoo for the project. In addition to a selection of Gagosian’s publications and rare materials from the gallery’s shop in New York, the tattoos, prints, and books will all be available for sale on-site at the fair.
Moran Bondaroff presents: The Sabian Exercise, 1971-72 by George Herms. From April 1971 to April 1972, George Herms made a drawing a day for one year based on Sabian symbols. Each day takes the form of one symbol as a starting point, and expands upon it within each degree of the zodiac circle. The exercise draws out the rhythm and formal qualities of the symbols, to assign new and personal meanings and associations, in the method of concrete poetry. In 1979, the drawings were collected and published into hand-painted box sets in an edition of 1,000. Having been in storage for the last 40 years, this will be the first time The Sabian Exercise will be presented to the public in the form of an immersive installation created by this iconic California artist.
In Support of Books is an exhibition of contemporary bookends. In seeking out the peripheries, ephemera, and supporting structures of book culture, Norma — a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Los Angeles — has produced an exhibition of contemporary Bookends from an international assembly of Product, Object and Industrial designers. As a project, In Support of Books seeks multiple outcomes: to publicly survey a single typology of design object; to lay bare the publication-based references of the exhibitors; and to begin a series of inquiries that explore the objects associated with the reading, display, and appreciation of [art] books. The exhibition will be accompanied by a printed catalog with essays by artist Erik Benjamins and Laura Houseley of Modern Design Review, and will also showcase publications from each participant’s canon — arranged, of course, in between and among the bookends in question.
Participants —
Ini Archibong / OTHR (Basel, CH / New York, US)
Bazazas (New York, US)
Besler & Sons (Los Angeles, US)
Book / Shop (Oakland, US)
Marco Kane Braunschweiler (Los Angeles, US)
Building Block (Los Angeles, US)
Chen Chen & Kai Williams (New York, US)
Daniel Emma / Field (Adelaide, AU / Washington, DC)
Henry Julier (New York, US)
Cecilie Manz / Muuto (Copenhagen, DK)
Michael Marriott / Hato (London, UK)
Norma (Los Angeles, US)
Ouli (Los Angeles, US)
Alex Reed (Los Angeles, US)
Klemens Schillinger / Hem (Vienna, AT / Stockholm, SE)
Studio EO (Stockholm, SE)
Brendan Timmins (New York, US)
Visibility / Matter Made (New York, US)
Waka Waka (Los Angeles, US)
Wintercheck Factory (New York, US)
Wrk-Shp (Los Angeles, US)
Kenyon Yeh / Good Thing (Taipei, TW / New York, US)

A curated cross-section of photo-based books and magazines.
A-Jump Books
Akio Nagasawa
Aperture Foundation
Atelier Editions
Dashwood Books
DoPe Press
Edition Patrick Frey
Études Books
Goodbye Ranch
The Heavy Collective
Hesse Press
Hoxton Mini Press
The Ice Plan
Image Text Ithaca
J&L Books
Jason Jaworski / SSK Press
Kodoji Press
Komiyama Tokyo
Little Big Man Books
Paris, LA
Remote Photobooks (New Zealand)
Russian Independent Selfpublished
RVB Books
Spheres Publication
TBW Books
TIS books
Trolley Books

A lively selection of international artists and zinesters that represent independent publishing at its most innovative and affordable, in the Geffen Contemporary building 4. A super-sized subsection of the LA Art Book Fair; (XE)ROX & PAPER + SCISSORS takes over the Geffen annex with more than 100 international artists, zinesters, and small presses, offering a survey of independent publishing at its most innovative and affordable.
A Love Token
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Krach
Adam Villacin
Aidan Koch
Alexis Gross
Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe
Anal Magazine
antoine lefebvre editions
Applesauce Industries
Art Baby Girl
Big Love Tokyo
Bred Press
Casey Deming
Cash Machine
Christopher Kardambikis
Club Wifi
Colour Code
Coloured Publishing
Dale Wittig
Darin Klein & Friends
Deadbeat Club
Dirty Looks
Emma Kohlmann
Endless Editions
Eric Timothy Carlson
Everlasting Family Secret
Flat Fix
For The Common Good
Girls Like Us
Golden Spike Press
Hamburger Eyes
Heather Benjamin
Improper Printing
Jennifer Calandra
Jennifer Shear
Jeong Hwa Min
Jess Scott
Jesse FIllingham
Kingsboro Press
La Chamba Press
Lainey Waugh
Lost & Found
Louis M Schmidt
Martian Press
Matt Borruso
MATTE Magazine
Mega Press
Melinda Melmoth
Miniature Garden
Mixed Greens
Modern Women
Move Elore
Nathaniel Russell
No Coast
Panayiotis Terzis
Pau Wau Publications
Pegacorn Press
Perfectly Acceptable Press
Primitive Language
Rand Paul
Sean Maung
Secret Headquarters
Sergej Vutuc
Shana Sadeghi-Ray
Shortt Editions: Paul Shortt
Slow Editions
Snöar Press
Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins
STH Editions
Studio Diana
Tamara Santibañez
Tan & Loose Press
Telly Boys
Tiny Splendor
Unity Press USA
The Ventriloquist Press
Visible Publications
Wacky Wacko
Wuvable Oaf
Yes Press
YOUR MOTHER underground films


Artists and Activists converge in a selection where the political meets the personal, curated by Printed Matter’s Max Schumann.


Half Letter Press
High Desert Test Sites
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries
Other Forms
Press Press
Temporary Services
True Laurels
Women’s Center for Creative Work


All book signings will be held at the tables of each individual exhibitor, unless otherwise noted. 
6:00 pm, Z42 Launch and signing of publications by billy ocallaghan. Presented by improper printing.
2:45 pm, T07 Signing of Jon Pestoni: Family Plot. Presented by David Kordansky Gallery.
5:00 pm, F31 Launch and signing of Withheld due to: by Christof Nüssli. Presented by cpress.
6:00 pm, G04 Launch of The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94 by Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud. Presented by Ecstatic Peace Library.
1:00 pm, T07 Signing of Mary Weatherford: The Neon Paintings. Presented by David Kordansky Gallery.
1:00 pm, Z42 Launch and signing of Meeting Jackie by Craig Koozer. Presented by improper printing.
1:00 pm, Z61 Signing of A Collection of Illustrations by Jeffrey Cheung. Presented by Unity Press.
2:00 pm, F06 Signing of The Black Banal by Tony Cokes. Presented by ITI Press.
2:00 pm, G04 Launch of MUSICS by Thurston Moore. Presented by Ecstatic Peace Library.
2:00 pm, I14 Launch and signing of Sound and Vision by Jun Tsunoda. Presented by torch press.
2:00 pm, Z61 Signing of Lower Grand Cassettes by Alex Shen. Presented by Unity Press.
2:30pm, H17 Signing of the last available copies of Seasons Road, Cracked Trees and Crooked Cracked Tree, A Road Divided and Between the Two by Todd Hido. Presented by Nazraeli Press.
2:00 pm, Z55 Signing of So This Is Goodbye by Ben Goulder. Presented by Snöar Press.
3:00 pm, D01 Valerie Phillips sign copies of Goddess Alien, a new zine of outcast images from Another Girl Another Planet, joined by Arvida Bystrom. Presented by Printed Matter.
3:00pm, T09 Signing of BILLY AL BENGSTON: MY B.S.A. 350cc GOLDSTAR & BLUES FOR AUB (get it?) by BILLY AL BENGSTON. Presented by VENUS.
3:00 pm, Z61 Signing of Marin County Science Library II by Gabriel Ramirez. Presented by Unity Press.
3:30 pm, T07 Signing of Ricky Swallow: SKEWS+. Presented by Canyon Rats and David Kordansky Gallery.
4:00 pm, D01 Signing and launch for Imaginary Concerts by Peter Coffin, a collection of fictitious show posters newly published by Printed Matter, Inc and Anthology Editions. Presented by Printed Matter.
4:00 pm, H17 Signing of the last available copies of Memories of the Salt… by Ed Templeton. Presented by Nazraeli Press.
5:00 pm, I04 Signing of Were Good Men by Calvin Marcus. Presented by Triangle Books.
6:00 pm, I04 Signing of Driving is awesome by Harold Ancart. Presented by Triangle Books.
2:00 pm, T05 Book signing with Richard Kern. Presented by Fortnight Institute.
3:00 pm, G13 Launch and signing of The Wall of Vagina by Kembra Pfahler and Bruce La Bruce. Presented by Emalin Gallery.
5:00 pm, F31 Signing of Withheld due to: by Christof Nüssli. Presented by cpress.

7:00 – 9:00 pm
Body Publishing

Soho House West Hollywood
Award-winning composer and DEVO frontman Mark Mothersbaugh, punk rock historian and editor of the new title Showboat: Punk/Sex/Bodies Toby Mott, a famous tattoo artist, and a world-renown burlesque dancer will discuss the body as a publishable item in relation to their work.
Moderator: Benjamin Lee Ritchie Handler
LAABF After Hours @ The ACE Hotel DTLA
8.30 pm – 1.30 am
LAABF After Hours hosted by Big Love (Tokyo) x WSSF (LA)
Upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, 929 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015


LAABF After Hours @ The ACE Hotel DTLA
8.30 pm – 1.30 am
Upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, 929 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Surf Riot @ Richardson Shop
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Exhibition of Nick Wapplington’s Surf Riot prints instore and a launch of a t-shirt and zine to accompany to exhibition.
Richardson Shop, 8044 1/2 West 3rd. St. Los Angeles CA 90048.
Ich Sehe Das Licht @ Human Resources
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Ich Sehe Das Licht: the film, video and performance documents of Kembra Pfahler and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, staged with the cooperation of Emalin Gallery. Kembra Pfahler and the girls of Karen Black present a performative screening featuring cinematic arcana, voluptuous horrors and a Q&A confessional. Through her ongoing project, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Kembra Pfahler has been performing since the early 1990s in museums, galleries and clubs the world over. Assembling an unprecedented program of film, video and performance documents from Richard Kern, Annie Sprinkle, Steve Doughty, Ned Ambler, Mike Kuchar, Charles Atlas and more, Dirty Looks is thrilled to partner with Emalin Gallery London and the Los Angeles Art Book Fair to welcome Pfahler to Los Angeles for the first comprehensive screening of her work and appearances in the moving image.
$12, Human Resources, 410 Cottage Home Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

LAABF After Hours @ The ACE Hotel DTLA
8.30 pm – 1.30 am
LAABF After Hours hosted by Catalogue Library + MOOD
Upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, 929 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015
OFFSITE: Showboat @ Richardson Shop
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Signing and panel discussion with Toby Mott and guests for his book Showboat (the erotic history of punk).
Richardson Shop; 8044 1/2 West 3rd. St. Los Angeles CA 90048
LAABF After Hours @ The ACE Hotel DTLA
8.30 pm – 1.30 am
Upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, 929 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015