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  • Australia

    • Perimeter Books
      Perimeter Books is a small bookstore, art space and publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. Perimeter stocks a curated selection of local and international small press, art, photography, architecture and design publications, and exhibits contemporary artists and designers with an interest in the printed form. Perimeter also publishes small run artist books under its Perimeter Editions imprint. For the NY Art Book Fair, Perimeter will be representing independent Australian contemporary art, photography and small press publishers, including: M.33, Emblem, Utopian Slumps, Erm Books, Perimeter Editions, Serps Zine, Dawn Press, Smalltime Books, This Is The Same Ocean and Discipline.
  • Belgium

    • Art Paper Editions
      APE (Art Paper Editions) is an independent publishing platform. APE was founded in 2010 by Jurgen Maelfeyt and Caroline De Malsche and focusses on the book as an exhibition space. APE works with artists and institutions. We will be bringing our latest publications to the fair.
    • MER. Paper Kunsthalle
      MER. Paper Kunsthalle was established in 2005 in order to examine the possibilities of books as places to exhibit art. Since their incipience, art books often developed as rigid catalogues or aide-mémoires. However, artists have always thought of books as exhibiting spaces. One of MER.’s main focus therefore is to provide this exhibiting space to artists by creating an institutional platform that publishes art books in a different fashion.
    • Triangle Books
      Triangle Books is an independent publisher of artists' books founded in 2013 and based in Brussels, Belgium. Current books include Harold Ancart, Aline Bouvy/John Gillis, Thomas Bayrle, David de Tscharner & Benoît Platéus and Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys.
  • Canada

    • 88Books / XXX
      88Books is a Vancouver-based independent press specialized in artists' books and zines by emerging and lesser-known artists from China. Committed to representing new voices, 88Books provides flexibility and freedom of expression to the participating artists and aims to foster the production of artists' books, a relatively new concept in China. Each book is conceived and created uniquely by the Chinese artist but produced in our Vancouver studio. Currently our creators are mostly photo-based artists and photographers.
    • Art Metropole
      Art Metropole is a not-for-profit organization with a focus on the production, dissemination and contextualization of artist-initiated publication in any media, especially those formats and practices predisposed to sharing and circulation.
    • Artspeak
      Artspeak is a non-profit artist run centre established in 1986 and presents contemporary practices, innovative publications, bookworks, editions, talks and events that encourage a dialogue between visual art and writing.
    • Bad Day
      Bad Day is an arts and culture quarterly that focuses on direct dialogue with today's international artists. Disregarding boundaries between film, video, visual art, music, high & low, Bad Day showcases some of the commonalities we all share in our routines, perspectives and working practice.
    • Bywater Bros. Editions
      Bywater Bros. Editions is an independent publisher producing artists' books and editions
    • C Magazine
      C Magazine is an international art quarterly that publishes critical essays, interviews, artist projects and reviews. Based in Toronto, with contributors from around the world, C keeps readers informed of significant ideas and trends in contemporary art and visual culture.
    • Cathy Busby / Garry Neill Kennedy
      Cathy Busby will feature her new artist book, Steve's Vinyl (Emily Carr University Press and Visual AIDS, 2013), along with her other printed matter. She was recently artist-in-residence with the Institute of Art, Religion and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary, New York. Garry Neill Kennedy is an artist who has produced artist books, folders, and ephemera since the 1970s. His most recent book is The Last Art College: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1968-1978 (MIT Press, 2012). They are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and are currently visiting artists at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
    • Colour Code
      Colour Code is a printing service and publishing platform specializing in the use of a Risograph duplicator and Screenprinting to create artist books, prints and other projects. In 2014 we will be releasing new publications with Jon Rafman (Montreal), Benjamin Marra (NY) and an edition of posters by Oakland, CA based printmaker Paul Morgan.
    • Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
      Established in 1971, the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver is a non-profit public art gallery dedicated to the exhibition, education and documentation of contemporary visual art. It aspires to generate significant audiences through the initiation and promotion of an innovative and diverse international program of exhibitions, publications, learning and outreach projects. We have a 30 year publishing history with renowned contemporary artists including: Christopher Williams, Steven Shearer, Geoffrey Farmer, Stan Douglas among others. Recent publications to launch at the 2014 LA Art Book Fair will be: James Welling, Mungo Thomson, Erin Shirreff, Nathan Coley and Itee Pootoogook. Book signings at the fair will be with James Welling and Mungo Thomson.
    • Fillip / New Documents
      Fillip is a Vancouver-based publishing organization formed in 2004 to expand spaces for critical discussions on contemporary art. Through a magazine and publications programme, Fillip provides platforms for examining the relationship between art and society. Fillip will also be showcasing books by New Documents, a Vancouver and Los Angeles-based publishing organization.
    • Or Gallery
      The Or Gallery (Vancouver/Berlin) is an artist-run centre committed to exhibiting work by local, national and international artists whose art practice is of a critical, conceptual and/or interdisciplinary nature. The Or Gallery has published various works including artist books, record/sound works and critical anthologies. It also runs a small bookstore focused on artists' publishing, including artist books, zines, periodicals, criticism and theory.
    • Perish Publishing
      Perish Publishing is a new imprint based in Toronto, Canada with a focus on original works in book form and adventurous, quality printing. The press recently launched withm6h their first four titles, all of which were printed on risographs.
    • Presentation House Gallery
      Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, is Canada's leading non-profit public gallery devoted to the exhibition of photography, film and video. Bywater Bros. Editions is an independent publisher producing artists’ books and editions. Together, they publish an ongoing series of artist-edited publications titled Lynn Valley. The series was launched in September 2006 with an inaugural issue designed by Richard Prince.
    • Project Space
      Project Space produces OCW Magazine, books, zines, curatorial projects and the annual Vancouver Art/Book Fair. For the LA Art Book Fair, we would bring a selection of our publications, as well as those from other independent presses in Vancouver.
  • Chile

    • Taller Monstruo
      We are a collective of Chilean artists that seeks to promote illustration, photography and audiovisual ideas of young emerging creatives mainly from Latin America. We like to play with the different experiences of gathering people and encourage them to create in any possible expression that the soul gives, for that we organize many activities like performances, speakings, fairs and exhibitions, everything with a nice singular touch of weirdness. We are currently working as an independent editorial, publishing small amounts of fanzines, in order to promote this works as traveling showcases, a more beautiful, simpler way of distribution.
  • China

    • New Territories Studio
      Year of the Horse by New Territories StudioShanghai-based curatorial platform New Territories Studio presents a vibrant selection of materials from China's current indie publishing scene. In collaboration with leading Chinese zine publishers, we will showcase a diverse array of zines, artist books, experimental comics and small-run journals, most of which have never been shown internationally before. We hope to not only show but contextualize this emerging movement in China's contemporary art/design world, and spur more exchange between Chinese zinemakers and their overseas counterparts.
  • France

    • Florence Loewy
    • onestar press / Three Star Books
      onestar press - strictly unedited by the publisher - is dedicated to the production of books, movies, and multiples by artists. Three Star Books are artworks, handmade, highly finished, and luxuriously produced with materials that are globally sourced.
    • Shelter Press
      Shelter Press is an independent publishing company based in the french Alpes. Our publishing program focuses on contemporary art and experimental music through artist books, monographies and records. We do believe that each records and books we publish will offer a threshold to your wonders.
  • Germany

    • Datacide Journal
      Datacide, the magazine for noise and politics, has appeared in irregular intervals since 1997, first in London, then Basel, and is now headquartered in Berlin with a presence in Los Angeles. Datacide appears as a print magazine, and the crew has organized lectures and conferences on issues of subversion and the culture industry, as well as underground parties in Berlin. Datacide is not particularly concerned with aesthetics, and instead focuses upon an emancipatory critique of late capitalist society and the exploration of the multitude of internationalist antagonistic counter-cultural practices.
    • Errant Bodies: publishing as practice
      Errant Bodies has been developing publishing projects since 1995. Since this time, it has been dedicated to supporting diverse discourses and projects in the fields of sonic and spatial practices, auditory culture and performativity, experimental writing and critical thought. The project further aims to consider the specifics of location, media and modes of address, and the co-productive details generated from cultural work and its place, through site-based research, collective actions and collaborative projects.
    • Gloria Glitzer
      Oh No — Artists who do books »Art shows come and go, but books stay around for years. They are works themselves, not reproductions of works. Books are the best medium of works. Books are the best medium for many artists working today.« Sol LeWitt Gloria Glitzer develops, designs and prints artists’ books and understands independent publishing as an artistic practice. Gloria Glitzer is not interested in producing catalogues by reproducing artworks. In her mind it’s about creating a piece of art – in a small edition – that expresses an idea, an attitude of the artist. Gloria Glitzer is based in Berlin and operated by Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke
    • Re:Surgo!
      Re:Surgo! is a Berlin based silkscreen atelier. The Swedish / French artist duo Anna Hellsgård & Christian Gfeller create and produce artists' books, graph'zines and prints. Gfeller & Hellsgård regularly join forces with artists, illustrators and designers to create collaborative silkscreen limited editions. artists' books and print editions.
    • Rhein-Verlag
      Rhein-Verlag is a small publishing company from Dusseldorf, Germany, specializing in artist's books. we are a loose collective of artists, who share a common interest in the book as an artistic medium. each book is considered an independent and self-contained piece of art and is devised and produced as such.
    • Sternberg Press
      Sternberg Press grew out of the small publishing house known as Lukas & Sternberg, founded in 1999 by Caroline Schneider. Dedicated to an expanded notion of writing on art, Sternberg Press has created a formidable platform in which practitioners from the fields of art and culture (architecture, design, film, politics, literature, and philosophy) can engage in a critical discourse. Each book is a special object celebrating creative publishing at its best. Through both commissioned and translated works, Sternberg Press seeks out the blind spots within contemporary discourse and offers a timely response to the related debates.
    • Texte zur Kunst
      Since 1990 Texte zur Kunst shapes the debates on modern and contemporary art. Alongside essays by internationally renowned writers, the quarterly magazine offers interviews, history, theory and politics. Since 2006 the comprehensive main section, each time devoted to a topic, as well as selected review are published in both German and English.
  • Greece

    • OMMU
      OMMU is a bookstore based in Athens, Greece. We stock a range of rare and historic publications, posters, and objects. OMMU Headquarters is located in a newly renovated space from the fifties in uptown Athens. A second bookshop is located at The Breeder gallery downtown.
  • Ireland

    • Redfoxpress & Antic-Ham
      Redfoxpress is run by Francis Van Maele and Antic-Ham in the West of Ireland, since 2002. In their silkscreenstudio they print and publish their own artist's books using all possible techniques: collage, photography, laserprinting, solvent transfer, mono prints, stencils, rubberstamping, drawing, frottages, found objects, ephemera..and collaboration works with artists and authors in limited hand printed editions. Redfoxpress publish also a collection of visual poetry and fluxus named "C'est mon dada" and polaroid photo books.
  • Israel

    • Public School Editions
      Public School started in 2007 as a non-profit project making recordings of live indie events in the Israeli scene. It later became a blog that documented forgotten books about design, art and architecture. Public School's current project is Pax Israeliana, a project aimed at archiving, preserving and cataloging forgotten minimalistic occurrences from the golden age of modern Israel, when the international style was adopted as a way of being part of the global community and portraying Israel as a peace seeking country.
  • Italy

    • cura.magazine and books
      Cura is a curatorial project founded in 2009 in Rome that revolves around the production of a quarterly magazine (cura.magazine), a publishing house (cura.books) - both with a worldwide distribution - and an exhibition space, through which it investigates contemporary artistic production and promotes the most current developments in the emerging practice, thanks to the collaboration with international artists and curators, the production of artists books, limited editions, exhibition projects and curatorial consulting.
    • Kaleidoscope
      At the core of a platform that includes an exhibition space and an independent publishing house, KALEIDOSCOPE is an international quarterly of contemporary art and culture founded in 2009 in Milan. Distributed worldwide on a seasonal basis, it has gained widespread recognition as a trusted and timely guide to the present (but also to the past and possible futures) with an interdisciplinary and unconventional approach.
    • Studio Montespecchio
      Specializing in historically and visually important rare books, magazines and ephemera related to XXth Century avant-garde architecture, art, design, and photography.
  • Mexico

    • Anal Magazine
      Es una publicación impresa hecha por, para y sobre homosexuales alrededor del mundo. Con un diseño único, esta revista muestra cualquier tipo de expresión cultural, erótica o de interés general para aquellos hombres que no inhiben su gusto por otros hombres. Aquí se ofrece una selección magnífica, principalmente mexicana, de fotografía, arte, literatura, moda, estilos de vida y entrevistas con personajes sobresalientes de una subcultura dispuesta a conquistar el mundo. Todo con un punto de vista crítico, propositivo y franco para penetrar el gusto y el interés del lector, al que se le considera siempre presto a su propio ámbito.
    • Ediciones Acapulco
      Acapulco is a Mexican publishing house known and recognized for its limited edition size books, high aesthetic and literary contents and a thorough and rigorous care in the materials, production and design of every book. All our publications can be seen in our website.
    • Fundación Alumnos47
      Fundación Alumnos47 is a non-profit association, based in Mexico City that encourages dialogue through reflection and debate around contemporary art practices. Through educational and artistic programs and social projects, promotes equal access to knowledge as well as plural and inclusive approach to these practices. Fundación Alumnos47 seeks to link diverse people through three different programs: Library Collection, Curatorial Program and Liaisons Program. Library Collection. Through this program, Fundación Alumnos47 offers researchers, artists and interested public collections specialized in contemporary art. The collection focuses on contemporary art with an emphasis on artists' books, opening a space for the exhibition of Mexican and international contemporary art. Fundación Alumnos47 library is conceived as a dynamic and active entity. It presents a program that focuses on gatherings, courses and workshops related to contemporary art, as well as the services of consulting books and other materials. The library, as a space for research and community partnership, tries to meet theoretical, professional and educational needs.The library is also responsible for the publications that are based on the work of the foundation and their collaboration with other institutions that share Fundación Alumnos47's interests.The editorial plan includes research around mobile devices related to art and Conversaciones en México (Conversations in México) by Hans Ulrich Obrist.
    • Taller de Ediciones Económicas
      Taller de Ediciones Económicas is a small press established in 2010 by Gabriela Castañeda and Nicolás Pradilla in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The project explores new types of independent editorial practice. We like to produce books with artists, do workshops, and publish things we find particularly interesting. We work with a Risograph machine, a low cost monochrome system which is a technology inherited from the mimeograph. Nowadays, we´ve got 11 titles, which include books of young artists Miguel Fernández, N. Samara Guzmán, Pablo Rasgado, Jaime Martínez, Balam Bartolomé, among others. We´ve participated in several book fairs such as Libros Mutantes (at Casa Encendida, Madrid), NY Art Book Fair (last edition we went with MxEditions), 4a Edición, (Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico), MissRead 2013 (Berlin).
  • Netherlands

    • Knust / Extrapool
      Established by artists for artists in the 1980s, Knust is Extrapool's famous infamous graphic workshop specialized in stencil (“mimeograph”) print. Located in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Knust is an essential part of the multi-omniverse of the Extrapool art space, creating an accessible printing and bookmaking workshop where many niches meet, greet, clash & mix.
    • Onomatopee
      Onomatopee is an institution for reflection and communication. The foundation aims to question the parameters of our (designed) culture through research and presentations.
    • Roma Publications
      Roma Publications is an independent art publisher, founded by artist Mark Manders and graphic designer Roger Willems. It is used as a platform to produce autonomous publications in close collaboration with a growing number of artists, institutions, writers and designers. Related to the content, every issue has its own rule of appearance and distribution, varying from house to house papers to exclusive books. Until now the publications have editions between 2 and 150,000. (Exhibitions & Presentations)
    • Sigrid Calon
      Sigrid Calon is a Dutch visual artist, who lives and works in Tilburg (NL). Inspired by the possibilities and beauty of an embroidery grid, she has created 'To The Extend Of / | & -' a book of 120 unique compositions all based on her 'own' DNA. To equal the intensity and craft of embroidery she is using the stencilling technique/risograph. Hidden in the grid, there is magic and with 8 colours and 8 lines (stiches) she visualises a new world out of it.
    • Valiz
      Valiz is an independent international publisher on contemporary art, theory, critique, architecture, design, and typography. Valiz develops and produces critical, reflective books that attempt to explore the subject in a way that is fully in tune with it and to provide possible links with other disciplines.
    • Werkplaats Typografie
      For this year’s LA Art Book Fair the Werkplaats Typografie is asking for the public to participate in a series workshops based around the notion of breaking-even. The aim of the workshops is to create a self-sufficient event at the fair which explores ways in which participants can break-even. These workshops form the content for a limited edition book which is distributed amongst the contributors. In economics breaking-even is described when expenses and revenue are completely equal. In this case the school is approaching breaking-even as a social form to organize a shared experience where everyone benefits from the outcome. While fairs are typically a commercial gathering, they equally provide a space for social exchange and a sharing of knowledge. With all of the costs involved to be present at the fair, many exhibitors and shops strive to cancel out these costs. The school is interested in making this a deliberate intention, to see if something can be made from nothing, for nothing. Werkplaats Typografie (WT) is a two-year masters programme for graphic design that stimulates and practices critical reflection on the basis of a broad cultural perspective. WT is located in Arnhem the Netherlands and part of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. A maximum of 18 participants engage in artistic research involving content and form, text and image, theory and practice, in relation to professional practice and supervised by leading designers. Alongside more theoretical research and self-initiated projects, participants work on real assignments for external clients.
  • New Zealand

    • DDMMYY
      DDMMYY is a small, independent publishing label based in New Zealand that publishes artists books, zines, prints and a bi-annual arts periodical called 'Le Roy' which was launched at the NY ABF 2013. Our presence at the book fairs often involve showcasing our books alongside other NZ based arts publishing associates such as Split Fountain and Clouds. For LAABF 2014, we will primarily be bringing recent releases from all publishers represented. We will also be utilizing the wall space to showcase original prints, drawings and posters from NZ artists. LAABF 2014 will be our third appearance at a Printed Matter run book fair.
  • Norway

    • Torpedo Press
      Torpedo is a non-profit (project-based) organization devoted to the promotion and production of artists' books, art theory and critical readers in contemporary art. Torpedo is both a publisher and a bookstore, and occasionally a venue for exhibitions and concerts related to book launches and the process of publishing, or discursive activities like panel discussions and debates. Torpedo has two venues in Oslo, one at Kunsthall Oslo and one at Kunstnernes Hus.
  • Sweden

    • B-B-B-Books
      B-B-B-Books is an independent publisher based in Stockholm with a focus on contemporary photography, text and book production. Founded in 2011.
    • Livraison
      A B O U T LIVRAISON is an independent publisher operating from the offices of art direction agency Sandberg&Timonen in Stockholm, Sweden. Divided into a magazine and a book publishing branch, LIVRAISON embrace unapologetic artistic point of views that challenge the clear-cut boundary between commerce and high art. Approaching publishing with the uncompromisingly raw edge of fanzine culture, our main focus is projects and processes rather than established auteurs and icons. B O O K S HANS GEDDA — DEAD PLATES FRODE & MARCUS — BEEKEEPER OLA RINDAL — NIGHT, LIGHT MARTINA HOOGLAND IVANOW — SPEEDWAY MARTINA HOOGLAND IVANOW — SATELLITE ROBERT NETTARP — 1970-2002 OLA RINDAL — PARIS
  • Switzerland

    • a/b Books
      a/b Books was founded in 2010 by Swiss artist Alexander Buhler as the imprint under which he self-publishes artist's books in limited editions. a/b Books also presents and collaborates on publications by other artists.
    • Edition Patrick Frey
      Since 1986, Edition Patrick Frey has published more than 130 books. Collaborating closely with mainly Swiss but also international artists, the publishing house focuses on unique projects and produces books in small print runs. The purpose of Edition Patrick Frey is to provide particularly young artists an opportunity and a platform with a first publication, but EPF has also been engaged with various artists such as Walter Pfeiffer, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, and HR Giger. Edition Patrick Frey focuses mainly on photography, art, and everyday and popular culture.
    • I Never Read,
      I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel was launched in June 2012 in Basel during the Art Basel week. The Fair aims at offering a platform for all kinds of arts' and artists' publications and gathering local and international publishers as well as book lovers. Newly opened exhibition space and bookshop in Basel.
    • Kodoji Press
      Kodoji Press is an independent publishing house focused on contemporary art and photography based in Baden, Switzerland.
  • United Kingdom

    • 20th Century Art Archives
    • Aye Aye Books / Victor & Hester
      Aye-Aye Books is an independent book-seller and publisher based in Glasgow, specializing in contemporary art and related literature, including artists' books and zines, theoretical and radical publications, poetry, experimental fiction and insurrectionary propaganda. The LA Book Fair presentation focuses on Glasgow-based independent print and will showcase the work of Victor & Hester - an artist-run non-profit publishing project. Victor & Hester works with local and international artists on projects which pivot around the production of an artist's multiple in printed form and its presentation within the context of a live event. They will launch a new screenprinted publication with two Glasgow-based artists Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison.
    • Bedford Press
      Bedford Press was initiated by the Architectural Association (AA), London in 2008 as a publishing imprint that seeks to develop contemporary models of publication practice. New titles presented at LA Art Book Fair will include Any Part, Any Form by Radim Peško; All Possible Futures edited by Jon Sueda; and new ebook titles, including the Architecture Words series.
    • Browns Editions
      Founded in 2005 by the British artist Jonathan Ellery, Browns Editions is an independent publisher specialising in photography, art and conceptual art books. In today’s world, as the pleasures of print are becoming harder to come by, Browns Editions offers a precious enclave of resistance.
    • Fabulousity
    • Frieze
      frieze magazine was set up in 1991 and is the leading magazine of contemporary art and culture. frieze is published eight times a year and includes essays, reviews and columns by today’s most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators
    • Good Press
      Good Press is a bookstore and art space in Glasgow, Scotland. Along with our publishing arm Museums Press we focus on supporting the dissemination and awareness of artists projects and publications. For the book fair we plan to bring a range of books and zines produced by Good Press and Museums Press, as well as a selection of Scotland and UK based publishers and individuals' work.
    • Jane & Jeremy
      We are a small independent publisher located in South London who produce handmade limited edition books. Established in 2006, we place emphasis on finding new & upcoming creatives as well as established artists whose work we admire. We will be showing around 17 of our handmade books from artists such as Mark Borthwick and Enda Bowe. We will also be showing a selection of prints which will be available to buy.
    • Mörel Books
      Mörel Books is a London-based independent publisher specializing in affordable limited edition art books and zines. Working with established artists alongside new and upcoming talents, our books are made in close collaboration with the artist, reducing the distance between the artist’s vision and that of the viewer. Many of our books can be purchased with limited edition prints.
    • MACK
      MACK is an independent publishing house focusing on working with artists, writers and curators to realise intellectually challenging projects in book form.
      With the launch of PROSPECTUS (Artschool/UK 2013), the publishing collective (Verina Gfader, John Reardon, Ruth Höflich) initiates a series of post-PROSPECTUS events and actions for LAABF 2014, including panel discussion and reading in the Classroom, production of flag, and distribution of posters via their book in the Friendly Fire section. Posters by Paul Bailey, David Blamey, Gürsoy Doğtaş, Samuel Dowd, Oliver Lerone Schultz, Ruth Maclennan and Simon O'Sullivan ... Artschool/UK is a self-organized artistic entity based in London.
    • Ridinghouse
      Ridinghouse is dedicated to publishing the best art writing and criticism, revisiting art history and exploring individual artists and specific projects. Founded in 1995, this London-based press focuses on producing high-quality, beautifully designed, engaging and informative art publications. At The LA Art Book Fair 2013 we will be launching new publications including 'Dave Hickey: Pirates and Farmers, Essays on Taste', 'Paul Winstanley: Art School', a monograph on the British artist Nicholas Pope and the new, portable edition of the popular 'Talking Art: Interviews with Artists Since 1976, Volume 1'.
    • Wild Life Press
      Wild Life Press is an independent publisher specialising in limited edition books, printed matter & audio releases made in close collaboration with the artist or subject.
  • United States


    • Goodbye Ranch
      Goodbye Ranch is the self-publishing imprint of photographer Michael Max McLeod.


    • [ 2nd Floor Projects ] San Francisco
      [ 2nd floor projects ] San Francisco Since 2007. To date, forty writers have been featured in the exhibitions, and forthcoming 2014. Programming includes commissions to writers internationally to produce a limited edition: essays, personal narratives, interviews, poetry, or mixed-genres in the form of handcrafted artist books, broadsheets, chapbooks and zines. With each exhibition, I design and print in-house, a limited run on archival papers. The writers are also invited to give a reading or to send a recording if they are out of the area. [ 2nd floor projects ] recently participated in Miss READ Berlin Art Book Fair.
    • 2nd Cannons Publications
      A publishing project by Los Angeles-based artist Brian Kennon. 2nd Cannons Publications produces artists' books and editions. Beginning November 2011, 2nd Cannons will run a year-long project space / bookshop in the back room of the gallery ltd Los Angeles.
    • 90 Proof Press
      90 Proof Press is an artist book publisher and press founded by Christopher Kardambikis and Jessica Greenfield in Los Angeles, California. 90 Proof is currently hosting two artists-in-residence at the studio, each using the facilities to produce an artist book/zine in an edition of 100 copies. The two residents this year are Allan Browning, software engineer at Oblong Industries, and Sadie Barnette, an LA based artist. In addition to these two book pieces, press founders Kardambikis and Greenfield will be bringing their own individual artist book pieces and zines to the fair.
    • A Love Token
      A Love Token's focus is to create quality apparel and zines with exceptional content. Since 2009 ALT has released close to 100 titles and exhibited work in countless U.S. cities as well as abroad. 2014 has many new series and collaborations in store so be sure and stop by.
    • Adam Villacin
      Adam Villacin's work culls from the past 50 years of comic book history, and engages with its formal and distributive qualities as a means towards cultural insight. Villacin creates work that explores various aesthetics ranging from his interests in the sub-cultural to mythological archetypes. The encyclopedic quality of his works stem from a sophisticated understanding of the subjects combined with a wry sense of humor.
    • AMMO Books
      AMMO Books publishes exciting, one-of-a-kind, visually charged arts and pop culture books for its dedicated, design-savvy audience. AMMO's evolving list for adults and kids is known for its amazing design, thoughtful writing, and exquisite printing.
    • Antena
      Antena is a language justice and language experimentation collaborative founded by two writers, artists, literary translators,bookmakers and activist interpreters. We view aesthetic practice as part and parcel of language justice work. Antena explores how critical views on language can help us to reimagine and rearticulate the worlds we inhabit.
    • Arcana: Books on the Arts
      Since 1984, ARCANA: BOOKS ON THE ARTS has been one of the world's premier visual arts bookstores. We have an open shop in Culver City that specializes in an idiosyncratically curated selection of material on Contemporary Art, Photography, Fashion, Design, Architecture, Cinema and Music. For the 2014 fair we have assembled a slew of Pop and Conceptual artists’ books and catalogues, a few artworks, coveted magazines, and an array of posters, announcements and ephemera – primarily from the sixties and seventies.
    • Area Sneaks & Make Now Press
    • Art Catalogues at LACMA
      Art Catalogues is the specialty bookstore at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, focusing on books and exhibition catalogues on the subject of 20th and 21st century art, both new and out-of-print.
    • Bijan Berahimi
      Bijan Berahimi is a graphic designer, illustrator, printer, editor and general instigator for the development and integration of design in his community. While searching for a medium between concept and form within his own practice, Berahimi explores a wide range of mediums that allow him to further understand aspects of materiality through the combination of design work—based on transparency and clarity—and explorative image-making inspired by his surroundings. Berahimi's personal work consists of small edition publications, artist prints, and products with an emphasis on production.
    • billy ocallaghan
      san francisco project-based artist self-publishing visual reports investigating some of the critical issues of our times (birds of america redacted, the gods sure are queer, owed to plants). & magical objects (rainbow accordions & Hilary Pecis' explosion(s)). & other zines (hairlines/stupid hair, perv (local, organic) part two, & debut of perv (monkey)). & a free (to those who will make it, while supplies last), fold-it-yourself, rainbow accordion zine template (and yet another gift from our sun, which may be played like this:
      BOOK STAND is an online art book shop based in Los Angeles specializing in unique art books, independently published magazines, films and vintage publications. Inspired by the quirky personal libraries of imaginative individuals, our carefully edited catalogue includes art books about plants and the natural world, titles organized by a single color, small collections created by friends of BOOK STAND and other things that strike our fancy. BOOK STAND will focus on self-published titles about food and plants from around the world, including zines, artist books, self-published magazines, vintage art books and original artwork. BOOK STAND will launch it's first book in a new self-published artist's series.
    • Brendan Monroe & Evah Fan
      I'm an artist and illustrator who also makes books and zines. I would have multiple self published titles along with some prints and other items such as totes, stickers, postcards and some small original art as well. I'll be doing a artist residency later this year at Joshua Tree National Park and plan to make a new book in hopes to have it done for the fair. I would also like to include some of my wife, Evah Fan's books and work. We shared the table last year and really enjoyed it.
      CASUAL LIVING is an interdisciplinary art, object, and publishing project.
    • Catalogue Library / Shabazz Projects
      Catalogue Library is an independent publishing platform for artists and designers started by Catalogue in Leeds, UK. The project embodies the idea that zines should be a quick representation of a subject or idea. Shabazz Projects is a progressive publishing platform focusing on books, zines, and objects around upcoming contemporary and conceptual art, new photography and design. Catalogue Library and Shabazz Projects will team up to present a dual showcase of new books from international artists, published by each respective imprint, as well a collaboration book by both imprints.
    • CCOOLL
      CCOOLL is a California-based part time design studio focused on collaborative projects and publications with a community of internet friends.
    • Center for Sex and Culture
      Located in San Francisco, the Center for Sex & Culture provides a community center for education, cultural events, library/media archive and art gallery to adults across the sexual and gender spectrum. We have a large zine collection and put on a yearly comics and zine fest called Bookish Beasts.
    • Colpa / Basement
      Colpa is a publishing company in San Francisco, CA. Run by artists/founders Luca Antonucci and Carissa Potter, Colpa specializes in hand-made art books, zines and limited edition prints. These publications challenge the relationship between printmaking and concept, creating objects in a reciprocal dialog with the way in which they are produced. In addition to publishing, Colpa curates art exhibitions, hosts a monthly Artist in Residency, manages Edicola, a newsstand selling artist books and zines, and prints the monthly newspaper Gazzetta.
    • COP DAD magazine / Justin Jorgensen
      Justin Jorgensen’s “COP DAD” is a non-fiction "magazine of the exceptional personal experience.” Other published works by this LA-based artist include “PARTY MONSTER,” a document of Jorgensen’s 2009 Midwestern farmhouse installation; and “Obscene Interiors: Hardcore Amateur Decor,” an exploration of the decor in online male personal ad photos, with foreword by Todd Oldham.
    • Dale Wittig
      Dale Wittig has been publishing Artist Books under his own and various fictitious names for the last quarter of a century. These works often deal with sex and politics and the politics of sex. He has worked with various artist groups, primarily with Cheap Art and the Small Free Inn.
    • Dale Zine Miami Fl
    • Darin Klein & Friends
      Darin Klein & Friends present collaboratively produced, handmade, handsome book projects for your perusal and pleasure. A hand-picked selection of all-new artists have created small books for Box of Books, Vol. VII, using the same fold-out technique and with widely differing content. Advertising, memory, love, language, identity, the archive, sex and more are explored through texts and images in this dynamic and affordable boxed set of twenty individual publications assembled specifically for LA Art Book Fair 2014!
    • Deadbeat Club
      Deadbeat Club is an independent publishing group dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications rooted in contemporary photography.
    • Deth P. Sun
      Painter / Illustrator residing in Berkeley, California.
    • Dominica
      DOMINICA is dedicated to exploring blackness as a topic, reference, marker and audience in visual culture. DOMINICA was initiated in 2012 by Martine Syms. I would present a selection of self-initiated editions and newly-commissioned works by other artists.
    • DoPe Press
      We'll be releasing a new artist's edition by ELIAS HANSEN (Maccarone, New York; Jonathan Viner, London), accompanied with a picture book; a new issue of PARIS, LA focusing on Photography; and the catalogue DIALOGUES, a series on art and architecture. Plus the rest of our catalogue.
    • Drinkollage / Acid Rain
      Drinkollage is a semi-regular gathering of friends who make collage and drink beer. We publish a full color zine of the collages made at our events. We will be launching issue no.3 at LAABF 2014. Drinkollage is edited by artists Jamie Gaul (Brooklyn, NY) & Rachael Morrison (Los Angeles, CA) -- Acid Rain is an ongoing public art project that distributes art by emerging and established artists through a series of ebook publications, special editions, and a growing web archive.
    • Drippy Bone Books
      Drippy Bone Books is a small, freak publisher, focusing on works of spastic beauty and weirdness. We publish and create art zines and comix and will have a variety of works on display. We ooze for art.
    • DUM DUM Zine
      DUM DUM publishes experimental lit and art that embraces hybrid, transmedia forms. Last year, we debuted our 3rd issue at LA Art Book Fair--a fluxkit containing literary and art objects--and hosted the official opening night after party at Mandrake Bar. This year we'll be releasing our 4th issue just in time for the fair as well. We will be disclosing the title when submissions open on October 14th. DUM DUM also exists on the web, where we featured text message interviews, sonic literature, how-to stories, video poetry, and even serialized radio plays.
    • East of Borneo
      East of Borneo is an online magazine of contemporary art, and its history, as seen from Los Angeles. We also publish books.
    • Eve Fowler
      Eve Fowler will be showing posters from her series A Spectacle and Nothing Strange, letterpress posters with text from Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons. Her book Anyone Telling Anything Is Telling That Thing will be available as well as other artist books by Fowler, Nick Herman and Hayden Dunham.
    • Everlasting Secret Family
      "The Everlasting Secret Family presents printed artifacts and ephemera from gay worlds that don’t exist anymore. Archival magazines, chapbooks and artwork will range from pre-Stonewall ‘60s when homosexual desire was coded and underground to the full color, shout-it-out loud, liberation of the ‘70s to the baroque period right before AIDS exploded. Other media in this theme will be the gayest vinyl record collection ever assembled and a selection of homoerotic delights on hipster VHS format from LA’s infamous, now defunct Videoactive store. We are also delighted to debut a brand new zine with vintage ‘90s photos dedicated to one of gay porn’s brightest stars and biggest enigmas. Tiny photo books featuring seldom seen, circa 2000 nude clown and meat couture series will also be on offer. We proudly aim to be the gayest booth at the fair."
    • Family Bookstore
      FAMILY is a bookstore and project space based in Los Angeles.
    • FIST
      FIST is an advocate for positive social and cultural, individual and group empowerment. FIST works with book design, photography, dance—movement, sculpture and technology. FIST is 100% independently operated by founder, artist, graphic designer, photographer, dancer and publisher — Way Wza (b. 1986). LA exhibition materials will include FIST gear and books.
    • Flash Art International
      Flash Art International is one of the leading contemporary art magazines known worldwide with an impressive 45 year history. Always provocative and never predictable, Flash Art is an unrivaled reference point and decisive voice in the contemporary art world. Defined by a groundbreaking and innovative approach to its coverage of contemporary art, Flash Art International inspires art enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Foggy Notion Books
      Foggy Notion Books is an independent publisher based in New York and Los Angeles. Founded in 2010 by Kristine McKenna, Lorraine Wild and Donna Wingate. Foggy Notion specializes in art, photography and literature.
    • Freeways Collide
      Freeways Collide (FWC) is an independent art & design studio based in Long Beach, California and Antwerp, Belgium. First established by Lowell Ong and Sara Todd in 2009 as an experimental website, it quickly turned into a collaborative effort amongst their friends; a set of artists, designers, musicians, and many other eclectic folks from around the world. By 2012, FWC opened up shop in Long Beach, California and started publishing small art books, zines, and posters.
    • Funchicken
      Zines, unlovable limited edition prints and books, handmade wackiness.
    • Gagosian Gallery
      Founded by Larry Gagosian, Gagosian Gallery has dedicated itself to organizing important exhibitions of contemporary and modern art. The gallery's publications department has released hundreds of beautiful titles on affiliated artwork and artists. Gagosian is an international gallery concentrating on modern and contemporary art. Exhibition spaces are located in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, Geneva, and Hong Kong.
    • Gallery 16
    • Giant Robot
      We're a shop and a gallery. We sell books, hold art exhibitions 18 times a year (including exhibitions outside of our space in other institutions) - and associated events. We once published a magazine for 16 years, and now sell art books, artist zines and more.
    • Golden Spike Press
      Golden Spike Press is a collaborative publishing project, founded and operated in and around Los Angeles, California. We make artists' books and multiples, largely produced with digital duplicators.
    • Goteblüd
      Goteblüd is the world's first and only store focused on vintage fanzines. We specialize in music and counterculture publications. We also publish our own San Francisco-based post-bear comic, "Wuvable Oaf."
    • Hamburger Eyes
      We have been publishing zines and books based on photography since 2001.
    • HAMMER
    • Human Resources / Lockitch Press / Semiotexte
      Human Resources in an LA artist collective, working within underexposed modes of expression from LA and abroad.Lockitchpress is an LA imprint working with art related content, with emphasis on the artist book.Semiotext(e) is widely known for its publishing history in theory and literature.
    • The Ice Plant
      The Ice Plant is a publisher of fine, illustrated books and other printed matter. We collaborate closely with artists on all aspects of the book-making process, from concept, to design, to tangible object. Specializing in small print run artists' books, we also produce the popular 5 Year Diary (in conjunction with Shopsin's General Store).
    • ICI Press
      ICI press is formed by diverse communities of artists and scholars, who work collaboratively to publish books that celebrate, expose, and actualize the visual paradigms we live by. Covering varying topics on visual culture, each major ICI title is accompanied by a special edition, featuring artist-made supplements ranging from modest stamp sheets (Benjamin’s Blind Spot, 2001) to more ambitious Duchamp-style 'museums' (Searching for Sebald: Photography After W. G. Sebald, 2007). ICI Press also produces small books, field study guides, handmade artist editions and zines such as the Smothered Art Kit, and our wrapping paper-style, annual Wrap-Up.
    • Insane Dialectical Posse
      A West-coast network of anti-authoritarian Marxists and Anarchists in Los Angeles, the Bay area, and Portland. We infiltrate, partake, and spread the fact that dialectics can break bricks.
    • Insert Blanc Press
      Insert Blanc Press produces innovative art & literature in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in October 2005, Insert Blanc Press produces over twelve individual projects a year across various media. Publishing large format hardbound artist monographs, photography and print editions, hardbound and perfectbound books of contemporary literature, handmade chapbooks, magazines, ebooks, audiobooks, digital albums, and video projects, Insert Blanc Press has recently started a podcast and opened a small gallery space in downtown L.A. Insert Blanc endeavors to create dynamic conversations among the artistic disciplines and to support emerging artists and writers in the interest of contemporary arts and letters.
    • JIMMY the zine
      JIMMY is a Los Angeles based queer zine independently published in the hills of Silver Lake and the heart of Hollywood. Aiming to be equal parts sexy and sweet, and with the ease and freedom of a true Californian, JIMMY doesn't hand out assignments, but rather invites established and unheard queer voices to contribute provocative images and thoughtful texts that they find meaningful. In a blog-cluttered world, JIMMY revives the form of the classic, printed fag mag to preserve and document a unique and city-specific cultural moment.!
    • Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
      The journal is a weirdo thinktank.
    • Juxtapoz
      Contemporary and underground art bible.
    • KCHUNG
      Kchung is a Los Angeles-based community radio station broadcasting out of Chinatown. Kchung broadcasts five nights a week on 1630 AM and online at We used to say that Kchung was really underground because it was in a basement. But really it's radio, so it's mostly in the air.
    • KesselsKramer
      KesselsKramer Los Angeles is a vertically integrated communications agency that brings brands and communities together by creating meaningful experiences in every media imagined. With sister offices in Amsterdam and London, the KK group acts as a start-up, but with a global presence.
    • Kickstarter
      Kickstarter is where backers join creators to bring new things to life -- everything from homemade postcards to Oscar-winning documentaries. Over 2100 art book, photo book, monograph, and zine projects have been successfully funded since our launch in 2009, and close to a billion dollars have been pledged total.
    • LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
      Founded in 1978, LACE supports artists who innovate, explore, and risk. We move within and beyond our four walls to provide opportunities for diverse publics to engage deeply with contemporary art. Internationally recognized as a pioneer among art institutions, we have presented the work of over 5,000 artists, which has provided the impetus for dialogue about contemporary arts and culture for over 30 years.
    • LACMA Museum Store
      LACMA Publications produces catalogues and special publications in support of LACMA's renowned exhibition program and collection. Cutting across time, place, and media, LACMA's books present an expansive array of artworks through a contemporary perspective.
      LAND AND SEA is a small press and record label based in Oakland California. We specialize in small run monographs and limited editions, as well as avant garde, experimental sound releases. For the fair, we will be releasing several projects: OVERVIEW- an exploded book consisting of 100 11x17 risograph prints by 100 artists from all over the country. REEL- a book by experimental film maker Paul Clipson. BLACK SPIRITUALS 7"- two song 7" vinyl record by Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell.
    • Laurence McGilvery
      Unusual and relevant material in all price ranges on modern and contemporary art. Books, exhibition catalogues, ephemera, posters. Member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America.
    • Leisure Labor
      Leisure Labor is an umbrella that hovers between the creation of form and distribution of information. We sit in the cross section of what are the acts of necessity and what are the frivolous acts of rebellion against routine. There is a passion for productivity, investigation, and an overarching theme of connectivity throughout work and life. At least that is what we strive for. Est. 2012.
      LES FIGUES PRESS & OTIS BOOKS | SEISMICITY EDITIONS: Les Figues Press is an independent, nonprofit publisher dedicated to creating conversations between readers, writers, and artists. Otis Books | Seismicity Editions is a project of Otis' Graduate Writing program, committed to publishing innovative works of poetry, prose, and translation.
    • Library Store On Wheels
      The Library Store On Wheels is a non-profit book/gift store benefiting the Los Angeles Public Library. We sell books and other library related merchandise including cards.
    • Little Paper Planes
      Established in 2004, Little Paper Planes assists emerging artists in their careers through prints, publishing, curatorial and licensing projects. LPP's intentions are to facilitate dialogues and awareness around Contemporary art between both the artists and public alike. The mission is to provide the connections, engagement and momentum of collecting art ephemera in all areas.
    • Lokos Only
      The organization we have brought together is titled "Retinas, Rods, and Cones". My name is Desilu and what I'm trying to do is get all the creative people I know together to convey and communicate their artistic ideas onto a zine. So far I have published two solo photography zines and by the time the fair rolls around I will have completed more. Besides my own zines, I plan to bring on a few others as well to bring their zines to share. This book fair presents a tremendous opportunity to reach out to people and show them what is on our minds. The majority of the zines I will be representing will be local Los Angeles artists. There will be film photography zines, graffiti/street art, hand drawn, comedic zines etc...I can share more info if needed. Thank you!
    • Louis M. Schmidt
      I am an artist and have been a prolific self-publisher for over 5 years. Publishing zines/books (whether of photos, drawings, or purely abstract) has played a vital role in both my art practice and curatorial history. I recently co-published a 4th book via my small press Gravity and Trajectory- a book of photos by Kevin Killian (curated by Darin Klein, with an essay by Rob Halpern).
    • modlitbooks
      modlitbooks specializes in rare and out of print artists' and photographers' books, monographs and ephemera.
    • Needles & Pens/& Pens Press
      NEEDLES & PENS, established in 2003, is a long-running San Francisco purveyor of zines, artist books, and an art gallery. & PENS PRESS, opened in 2013, is the new Los Angeles based publishing imprint and sister shop of N&P located in Culver City's art district.
    • Never Press
      We are a Los Angeles based publisher specializing in risograph artist zines and print sets. Three notable projects that we have published (that would be at the LAABF) thus far are a 2 color zine by illustrator Jason Holley, a beautiful tabloid sized print set by Seattle based painter Robert Hardgrave, we have also published 2 out of 4 issues of a comic by visionary Oakland based artist Michael Olivo. We have these three projects, coupled with a healthy back catalog, as well as big plans for at least 5 new exciting projects.
    • OHWOW
      OHWOW is a contemporary art gallery, publisher, and producer of special projects, established in 2008, with exhibition and retail locations in Los Angeles and New York City. OHWOW collaborates with various creative sectors, producing projects and retail initiatives, extending its vision internationally. As a gallery, OHWOW organizes solo, collective, and group exhibitions, alongside presenting special projects and events conceived by outside curators. As a publisher, OHWOW's books fill a particular niche, from exhibition catalogs to specific artist pieces.
    • Ooga Booga
      Ooga Booga is a shop in Los Angeles specializing in independently-produced artist books, music, design, art objects, and clothing since 2004. We also publish books & music, and program events at our space, and organize projects such as the Reading Room at the Swiss Institute NYC, Nieves library, Art Swap Meet (w/ Amy Yao), and Excursus III at the ICA Philadelphia. In 2013 we opened a second LA outpost as part of the 356 S. Mission Road art space in partnership with Laura Owens and Gavin Brown. We also run an online database of art book printers as a free resource to independent publishers, which can be accessed at:
    • Otis Fine Arts/Art & Publication Class
      This is a group of students in Art & Publication, an upper division course taught by artist Holly Tempo in the Fine Arts Department at Otis College of Art & Design. Otis is a private art and design college in LA. Students will display artist book projects that they complete for class. We will also display past issues of the BFA Fine Arts Exhibition catalogs. The Art & Publication class produces the catalog each year.
    • Paper Chase
      Paper Chase Press is a second-generation, family-run press and bindery that’s provided its clients bespoke, cutting-edge printed media since 1976. Intelligence LA, a Paper Chase Press subsidiary, offers both printing and design services, creating a singular holistic printing experience. The firm fosters a community of individuals shaping the future of information dissemination, and reflects a deep commitment to printed matter, which is illustrated by a portfolio that spans over three decades of service. We would like to exhibit and sell PCP Publications and other printed retail goods such as notebooks, calendars and posters.
    • Pop-Hop Books & Print
      Pop-Hop Books & Print is a bookshop, print studio & salon in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. We specialize in locally made zines, self-published and small press materials.
    • prvtdncr & bodega vendetta
      >>> prvtdncr & bodega vendetta have been collaborating since 2005 and have produced a grotesque body of work which includes hundreds of drawings, paintings,collages and zines. >>> visitors to this years fair will experience the full release of a new zine, titled, RESIZE YOUR THIGHS as well as original drawings included in this work. Selections from the archives, will also be on view/for sale.
    • Public Fiction
      PUBLIC FICTION takes form in print and space. The physical space, a storefront in Highland Park, gives a site to experiment with installations, performances and shows on a changing topic. The publication of the same name combines ephemera from these experiments with things that happened outside and around LA on the same subject. Each series is 3 months long.
    • The Public School L.A.
      The Public School is a school with no curriculum. It is not accredited, it does not give out degrees, and it has no affiliation with the public school system. It is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the assumption that everything is in everything.
    • Queering Zine
      Queering is a vehicle for artistic dissemination, primarily the photography of Josh Neve and occasional collaborations with other artists. Queering is, in its essence, a collection of photographs that use the traditions of portraiture, self-portraiture and mise-en-scene to evoke feelings of alienation and a yearning for connection.
    • RAM Publications U.S.A.
      RAM Publications and Dist. is a publishing and distribution company specializing in architecture, furniture, design, graphics, contemporary art and theory, popular culture, photography, poetry and literature, limited edition and CD-ROMS from Europe, U.S. and Japan.
    • RE/Search Publications
      V. Vale launched SEARCH & DESTROY punk-zine (1977) with $100 from Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti at City Lights Bookstore. Punk provided a launching pad for Vale’s cultural-anthropological explorations, including industrial music, the writings of J.G. Ballard and William Burroughs, feminism, pranksterism, studies of The Body, plus “incredibly strange” filmmaking and music in RE/Search
      ROCK BOTTOM is an endeavor to create thoughtful artist multiples. RB seeks create unique publications revolving around altered perceptions of place&space. In addition to individual artist projects, at the LA Art Book Fair we will debut the first RB Annual. This publication will focus on one specific location, Prettyboy Reservoir, hoping to showcase how one defined region shifts between each individuals perspective. The publication will function as a visualization of these variances. Welcome to the malleable landscape!
      SCB Distributors' Art Book Collection is a hand-picked selection of our top visual arts titles from 25 independent publishers, incorporating Fine Art, Lowbrow, Urban, Illustration, Design, Music, Photography, and more.
    • Secret Headquarters/Thank You
      Secret Headquarters has been specializing in comic book culture since 2005. SHQ and our sister stores, Thank You (Highland Park) and Dungeon Dungeon (Downtown), offer the choicest graphic novels, zines, and art books around. SHQ Publishing has collaborated on books with Michael DeForge, Michael Hsuing, and more. Get into it.
    • Seite
      A compact space in East Los Angeles specializing in World Literature, Foreign Language, Literature, Philosophy, Art Books and Zines.
    • Sensitive Boys
      Sensitive Boys is a zine collaboration between Artemisa Clark & Melinda Guillen that explores the tensions of gender, language and emotional expression through humor. The first issue, published in March 2013, 'Feeling Feeelings' includes essays, poems and drawings by artists and writers in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City, Berlin and Seattle. The second issue will be released in December 2013 and is titled 'The CULT of CRYING' At the fair, both issues will be available, in addition to Sensitive Boys limited artist edition posters, pin packs and also, giveaways such as mixed CDs.
    • siglio
      siglio is an independent press in Los Angeles publishing uncommon books that live at the intersection of art and literature. We produce trade and limited editions, artist multiples and small collections of ephemera. In the year since the last LA fair, we'll have four new titles (including two Ray Johnson books), new ephemera, as well as signed first editions of books that are either now sold out or in second or third printings.
    • TBW Books
      TBW Books is an independent photography book publishing company founded by Paul Schiek in 2005. Based in Oakland CA, the company is run on a direct to customer model and is known for its annual Subscription Series, as well as its elaborately crafted and designed limited editions.TBW Books offers its customers a range of titles from artists like Wolfgang Tillmans, Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Jim Goldberg, Mike Brodie and many others.
    • The Thing
      THE THING Quarterly is a periodical in the form of an object. It's like a magazine except that each issue is conceived of by a different contributor and then published on a useful object. Past contributors include Miranda July, Allora & Calzadilla, Jonathan Lethem, Starlee Kine, Dave Eggers, Mike Mills, David Shrigley and Tauba Auerbach. Current and upcoming contributors include John Baldessari, David Korty, Rodarte, and Brian Roettinger.
    • Vacancy Projects
      For designer/artist duo Mary Vu and Kristofferson San Pablo, Vacancy becomes a platform for uniqueness in the many media of print, fashion and design. As well as creating their own works, Vacancy frequently collaborates with other artists to share ideas and strengthen community.
    • Vacation Days
      Vacation Days is the umbrella store the creative collaborations of Hamish Robertson, incorporating his publishing house, Brown Griffin, his Future Desert photography projects, and artist-collaboration multiples ranging from printed matter to apparel.
    • William Steinman & Kate Miss
      We are a couple of artists who met in NY and moved to LA about 4 years ago. Will writes and directs science fiction movies which he premieres and then releases on dvd. Will also makes zines about Wu-tang, Michael Jordan and Marijuana, plus many other masculine topics. Will has a small run clothing line , making t-shirts, jeans by dying and bleaching them in a rugged futuristic way. Kate is a graphic designer, jewelry designer, and photographer. She makes hand made jewelry out of a variety of materials such as clay and bronze with a focus on natural, geometric shapes. She collects vintage cameras and sells her prints online ( and shares them through her longstanding, popular personal blog (
    • WSSF
      A shadowy organization of perverts. Los Angeles based, International membership. THIS BLESSING IS REAL.
    • Wuvable Oaf
      Wuvable Oaf is San Francisco-based creator Ed Luce's comic valentie to big, fuzzy dudes and the people who love them. The book has expanded into a larger project that includes shirts, figures, records and other schwag. Ed will be bringing a bevy of new Oaf goodies and original art.
    • X-TRA & Project X Foundation
      X-TRA is a quarterly art journal founded by artists and published in Los Angeles since 1997. X-TRA publishes diverse critical approaches including expansive features, historical essays, commissioned artist's projects, interviews, and substantive exhibition and book reviews. Project X Foundation provides an outlet for projects related to contemporary visual arts.
      Yes Press founded by Bruce Kalberg and Ewa Wojciak veteran publishers of the early L.A. punk scene magazine "No Mag." Featuring artwork by Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, Fred Tomaselli, and photgraphs of countless L.A. underground bands and notables. Small Press publishing continues to be a viable alternative to the publishing giants demographic approach to creative writing, the good stuff is still to be found in collaborations with small press publishers. Kalberg self-published the L.A. punk novel "Sub-Hollywood" under the name Bruce Caen (2005) in which he chronicled the early underground LA music, art and culture scene he was part of.

      District of Columbia

    • Empty Stretch
      Empty Stretch is an independent publisher based out of Washington, DC. Founded in 2010, Aaron Canipe, Jordan Swartz, and Nathaniel Grann work to disperse and expose photography through online curation, gallery exhibitions, and book publications.


    • Aint-Bad Magazine
      Founded in 2011, Aint-Bad Magazine is a printed fine-art photography publication that focuses on the work of Emerging International Photographers. We engage a discussion about contemporary culture and human nature through thoughtfully curated photography. We will be exhibiting current and past issues of our magazines as well as other smaller printed publications that we have helped produce-including a newsprint publication with the collective Young New England Photographers.
    • Chris Golden
      Chris Golden is a multidisciplinary designer hailing from North Carolina. Chris currently lives in Atlanta, GA working as a designer with Cartoon Network / Adult Swims Creative Group. Items featured will include zines, posters, screen prints and sticker. If you need anymore info Please feel free to reach out! Chris


    • Edie Fake
      Edie Fake is an artist and zinemaker from Chicago. He makes books for queer concerns, including the psychedelic serial Gaylord Phoenix. He would be debuting a new catalog of work from his first solo show "Memory Palaces," published by Secret Acres.
    • Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
      Founded in 1956, the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts makes project-based grants to individuals and organizations and produces public programs to foster the development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society.
    • Soberscove Press
      Soberscove Press seeks to make available art-related material that is difficult to access and/or that fills a gap in the literature---material that is previously unpublished, not in translation, out-of-print, or primarily limited to an academic audience. Soberscove also publishes artists' books that resonate with our growing list. Our publications are intended for a general readership that thrives on intellectual curiosity and visual pleasure. Our Winter 2014 publications include a new series of artists' books and a documentation of UC-Irvine's short-lived pedagogical experiment, The Farm.
    • Temporary Services / Half Letter Press
      Half Letter Press is a publishing imprint and experimental online store initiated by Temporary Services. We publish and distribute books and other items made by both ourselves and other people and groups. Half Letter Press hopes to build support and expand audiences for people that work creatively in experimental ways.
    • threewalls
      threewalls is a Chicago based not-for-profit for the presentation of contemporary art and ideas. Founded in 2003, threewalls has grown from a start-up exhibition space to a vital visual arts organization supporting contemporary art through solo exhibitions, residencies, grants, publications, conferences and commissioning programs. We are interesting in presenting the works we commission through our editions and publishing programs that include books, records and editioned objects and prints.


    • Prairie Fortress
      Prairie Fortress is a publishing house based in Lebanon, Kansas dedicated to the creation and distribution of works by artists including books, performances, 3D prints and multiples.


    • Frenemies: Matt Gualco and Paul Shortt
      In Frenemies, artists Paul Shortt and Matt Gualco will compete to see who can sell more books during the fair. Gualco’s books include Letters To a Young Actress, a tale of a surreal and confusing relationship between audience and individual in the tabloid realm; R.I.P/T.B.A, which anticipates the end of an (un)important life; and Doom/Doomed/Dooms, which explores doom’s potential to bring out the bright side. Shortt will be selling Full Body Sadness, a zine chronicling a trip to Beijing and visit to Ai Wei Wei’s studio; 5 Star Ratings, a collection of commissioned art reviews; and Modern Greetings, a handbook of social interactions.
    • Poety Unlimited
      Poety Unlimited is the publishing & distribution venture of Baltimore artist and curator Molly Colleen O'Connell. The distro includes her own output: screenprinted posters, limited edition artist's books; as well as unique curated multiples from other artists. The publication "Poety Unlimited" is a poetry magazine edited by MCO. The risographed zine challenges the definition and appearance of poetry on paper, from the expected personal text to a fabric patch you can remove and wear.


    • Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare
      Books, manuscripts, archives and collections in all fields and genres, with particular emphasis on music and the visual arts, cultural movements, disruptive technologies, societies in conflict, and global undergrounds.


    • Issue Press
      Issue Press is a small independent publishing house and Risograph print shop based in Grand Rapids, MI. IP has produced artist-made publications and multiples since mid-summer 2010. For LA Art Book Fair, we will debut a new publication by LA-based artist Peter J Brant and a series of small art zines and print editions made especially for BOOK BOX, a table-top zine vending machine project.


    • 2D Cloud / MariNaomi
      2D Cloud is a micro-press comics publisher and distributor based in Minneapolis, MN. Since 2007, we have published paper-craft art books, mini comics, and graphic novels by an assortment of both established and new/emerging creatives. Gravitating towards work that balances a distinct vision with narrative elements, we publish artists that both challenge and invite, draw and disturb. If accepted, we'd bring these titles: Out of Hollow Water, Strong Eye Contact, Abyss, Things You Carry, Zone Rover, Period, RDCD Fist 1.5, and our distro titles by Julie Doucet & Domino Books. We might also debut a new work by Christopher Adams: Yule Log.MariNaomi is the author and illustrator ofKiss & Tell, A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22. Her comics and essays have been featured on The Rumpus, The Weeklings, Truth-out, SFBay.CA, The Comics Journal, The Bay Citizen and more.
    • The Third Rail
      The Third Rail is a non-profit quarterly publication devoted to a discussion of art, politics, philosophy, and culture, featuring critical essays and reviews, interviews, literary arts, and artist center spread projects. Based in Minneapolis, The Third Rail is an editorially independent affiliate of The Brooklyn Rail.
    • Univocal Publishing
      Univocal Publishing is an independent publishing house specializing in artisanal editions of texts ranging with an emphasis on philosophy. Inspired by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s deployment of the concept of univocity, Univocal strives to publish thinkers and writers whose voices are as singular as they are diverse and which resonate with a multiplicity of encounters. Each book is bound, cut and printed at Univocal’s atelier. Combining the earliest of printmaking techniques using letterpress with the creative evolutions of the digital age, Univocal creates books meant to house the creative rigor and diversity of the writers and thinkers it publishes. Univocal's books are archival and boast letterpress covers.

      New York

      'SUP MAGAZINE has been intimately documenting international music scenes since 1998 through long-format question-and-answer interviews, original photography, and an aficionado's outlook on audiophile culture. At this year's Los Angeles Art Book Fair, 'SUP MAGAZINE will be debuting DAY IN THE DESERT, the first installment in a new series of one-off publications documenting their "Experience" events: the most recent of which took place during a psychedelic musical retreat at Boulder Gardens in Joshua Tree, California.
    • & amp ;
      The micro-press & (pronounced "amperamp") archives and re-contextualizes fixed sets of cultural detritus' census data, abandoned paraphernalia, digital phlegm, etc. into monthly pairings of print- and audio-zines.
    • 6 Decades Books
      6 Decades Books deals in rare artists' books and related material from 1960 to the present.
    • ABC Artists' Books Cooperative
      ABC Artists' Books Cooperative is an international distribution network created by and for artists that make print-on-demand artists' books. Our aim is to help artists deliver their self-published books to the people interested in them.
    • Alden Projects
      Alden Projects' is an exhibition, research, gallery and publishing enterprise dedicated to presenting and reconsidering compelling art and its supplements since about 1960 in historical context. We present artwork in the framework of its original documentation, including prints, vintage exhibition posters, exhibition announcements, artists' books, and all manner of artist's ephemera and the documents of art's publicity apparatus. We research. We theorize. We publish. We exhibit. We advise. We sell. We also exhibit with NADA (New York and Miami) and the Cologne Art Fair.
    • Anartist
      Anartist specializes in books on 20th century art, photography, architecture and design with an emphasis on the post 1945 avant-garde including: Artist Books, Conceptual Art, Pop, Minimalism, Fluxus, Performance, Video, Exhibition Catalogs, Journals and Ephemera. Collections wanted. Open by appointment only.
    • Andrew Roth, Inc.
      PPP Editions will launch Out To Lunch, a signed and numbered, limited-edition book by Ari Marcopoulos (8.5 x 11 inches, 368 pages). An index of sorts, Out To Lunch presents Marcopoulos’ earliest and most recent black-and white photographs (we nixed the middle years) in various formats: 256 matte black-and-white images; dozens of high-gloss contact sheets; hundreds of vinyl stickers; eight oversized, glossy pull-out posters, and a 32-page screenplay written together with his son Cairo, all bound together with black binder’s gauze and housed in an illustrated plastic bag. Edition of 350 plus 20 deluxe copies housed in a specially made cardboard box with added silver prints and ephemera. Our project room will also feature a series of newly editioned silkscreens, newsprint posters, loose sticker-sheets and more Marcopoulos for those who just can’t get enough!
    • Aperture Foundation
      Aperture, a not-for-profit foundation, connects the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other in print, in person, and online. Aperture today is a multiplatform publisher and center for the photo community. From our base in NYC, we produce, publish, and present a program of photography projects, locally and internationally.
    • ARTBOOK | D.A.P.
      ARTBOOK | D.A.P. presents a special installation of the “dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts” publishing project, and a panel discussion featuring editor Bettina Funcke on Sunday, September 30 at 2pm in the Dome. All 100 dOCUMENTA (13) Notebooks will be available in our booth, individually or as a boxed set, alongside related titles and a selection of rare and limited editions from the ARTBOOK | D.A.P. archives.
    • Artforum / Bookforum
      For over 50 years, Artforum has remained the world's most influential art magazine, exploring contemporary visual culture by the best contributors of our times. Bookforum offers incisive reviews of the latest current affairs, fiction and art titles.
    • Benjamin Critton Art Dept. / Colophon
    • Bidoun Projects
      Since 2004, Bidoun has filled a gaping hole in the arts and culture coverage of the Middle East, pioneering a distinctive voice that is intelligent, critical, and original. From the beginning, Bidoun has served as a platform — for new questions, images, and ideas about the Middle East. Bidoun’s activities fall in three primary areas: publishing, educational, and curatorial. To date, our projects have included a range of pursuits: curatorial initiatives, educational programs, artist commissions, talks, tours, performances, books, an itinerant library, and an online archive of avant-garde media. For the LA art Book Fair we would like to exhibit our magazine and publications.
      BLONDE ART BOOKS is a blog, curatorial project, and bookstore focusing on independent publications by artists and small presses in the fields of art, poetry, criticism, and cultural studies. For the LA Art Book Fair we will be launching a new book by Sara Cwynar titled 'Kitsch Encyclopedia'. BLONDE ART BOOKS was established in 2012 and this will be their first publication.
    • Bodega
      Bodega is a curatorial and publishing group established in 2010 and based in the US. From 2010 to 2013, Bodega operated a gallery in Old City Philadelphia at 253 North 3rd St. In addition to exhibitions, Bodega publishes artist books and other editions. Recent titles include "Duane Reade Lunatic" by Pia Howell and "In The Middle, An Oasis" by Elizabeth Atterbury.
    • Boo-Hooray
      Boo-Hooray stages exhibits devoted to the 20th and 21st century counter-culture narrative. We also do a lot of archival work, preserving and organizing underground culture. Crass, Angus MacLise, the Atelier Populaire of the Paris 68 uprising, the Velvet Underground and the Situationist Times are some examples. Ultimately, we hope that Maria Montez will provide socialistic answers for a rented world.
    • Booklyn
      Booklyn is an artist-run non-profit organization that publishes, distributes and curates exhibitions of provocative unique and limited edition artist books and works on paper worldwide. Booklyn also represents the personal archives of several artists including LES punk icon Fly (New York, NY) and graffiti pioneer CUBA (San Francisco, CA). This January, Booklyn is premiering the world’s first completely 3D-printed book, Orihon by Tom Burtonwood. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of William S. Burroughs’s birth on Feburary 5th, we will also be showing Charles Gatewood’s Burroughs 23, a limited edition book and a portfolio set of photographs of Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Also showing: books and prints by Bill Daniels/ Bozo Texino, Lesley Dill, Stephen Dupont, Colette Fu, Valerie Hammond, Chris Johanson, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, Barry McGee, Occuprint, Raymond Pettibon, Xu Bing, the Zapatistas (EZLN), and more.
    • Booklyn Art Gallery
      Booklyn is an artist-run non-profit organization that publishes, distributes and curates exhibitions of provocative unique and limited edition artist books and works on paper worldwide. Booklyn also represents the personal archives of several artists including LES punk icon Fly (New York, NY) and graffiti pioneer CUBA (San Francisco, CA). This January, Booklyn is premiering the world’s first completely 3D-printed book, Orihon by Tom Burtonwood. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of William S. Burroughs’s birth on Feburary 5th, we will also be showing Charles Gatewood’s Burroughs 23, a limited edition book and a portfolio set of photographs of Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Also showing: books and prints by Bill Daniels/ Bozo Texino, Lesley Dill, Stephen Dupont, Colette Fu, Valerie Hammond, Chris Johanson, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, Barry McGee, Occuprint, Raymond Pettibon, Xu Bing, the Zapatistas (EZLN), and more.
    • Cabinet
      Cabinet is a non-profit arts and culture organization based in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to its quarterly magazine, Cabinet publishes books, produces limited and unlimited editions, and organizes exhibitions, symposia, and other events.
    • Capricious
      Capricious is a magazine, artist book and queer arts zine publisher, and curatorial project dedicated to showcasing emerging fine art photography. Contributors and subject matter span the globe. And while constant change is a primary Capricious trait, there are also definite common visual threads running throughout its history. Capricious has an affinity for things like animals, androgyny, opposition, reclaimed life, lust, natural as well as urban life, intimacy, revolution and nostalgia. As a leading fine art photography project, Capricious occupies a rare and whimsical space, operating as both a tool for discovering new talent and as an artists’ oasis.
    • Center for Book Arts
      The Center for Book Arts seeks to advance the art of the book through exhibitions, classes, artist opportunities, residencies for both emerging artists and advanced scholars in book arts, literary programs, public lectures and events, and a permanent collections program. Materials exhibited at the fair would include works by artist members of the Center, running the full gamut of artist's books from unique book objects to handmade limited editions, and from offset multiples to fine letterpress small editions.
    • The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)
      The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit organization that uses the power of design and art to increase meaningful civic engagement. CUP collaborates with designers, educators, advocates, students, and communities to make educational tools that demystify complex policy and planning issues.
    • Christine Burgin
      Christine Burgin publishes books with artists and writers, both historical and contemporary.  Recent publications include the "The Gorgeous Nothings," a facsimile edition of Emily Dickinson's envelope writings;  "Drawing/and Writing" by Allen Ruppersberg; "A Little Ramble," with texts by Robert Walser and images by Moyra Davey, Thomas Schutte, Rosemarie Trockel, Tacita Dean and others; and projects with Josiah McElheney, Rodney Graham, Michael Smith and Susan Howe.
    • Cinders Gallery
      Cinders Gallery is a nomadic, artist-run gallery based in NY that curates exhibitions internationally and has featured artist-made books as an integral part of our program since we began in 2004. Cinders focuses on handmade, one of kind books often self-published by the artists we exhibit. In addition we self-publish limited edition prints and books as Cinders Press.
    • Dashwood Books
      Dashwood Books is New York City's only independent bookstore devoted entirely to photography.
    • Empty Purse
      Empty Purse started as an artist collaboration / act of friendship in New York City circa 2007. Each issue explores a recent topic of interest, usually something we found in the kitchen or near-there, and is printed on a thematically relevant medium. In defiance of the anachronism of print publishing, we ask for more than readership from our audience – physical engagement with the work. In some cases, you may have to wash and iron the issue; in others, you will rip apart a booklet and mail it back to us with your own musings. We would be presenting issues 3, 5, 6, & 7, and also have zines by past and current contributors.
    • For the Common Good
    • Gregory R. Miller & Co.
      Publisher of high quality books about contemporary art and artists.
    • Harper's Books
      Harper's Books specializes in rare and unique books on the arts. For the LA Art Book Fair, we will also exhibit original art and photography by Doug Rickard and Elizabeth Huey.
    • Hassla
      Hassla is a New York-based publisher with a focus on artists' books and catalogues with emerging to established artists. We have worked with a variety of artists, including: Anne Collier, Sam Falls, Dan McCarthy, Ryan Foerster, N. Dash, and Lucas Blalock.
    • Hello Mr. Magazine
      Hello Mr. is a magazine about men who date men. Published twice annually, each issuechronicles everyday life and the narratives which define it. It’s the coy introduction to anew generation of gay men, and it’s something we can all relate to.
    • Horses Think Press
      Horses Think Press is a Brooklyn based publisher founded by Ofer Wolberger in 2010. The press works directly with artists to create small run artist books, zines and editions that expand the field of image and object making. Recent titles include Forest Hills by Bill Sullivan, Justin James Reed's Mystic Places as well as a second edition of Ofer Wolberger's Visitor.
    • IIIII Columns
      IIIII Columns is a framework to develop & proliferate expanded notions of architectural thought & practice. It is about going beyond contemporary venerations of novelty & power, examining architecture & architecture making as an element of our wider collective and political lives. It is about diverse discourse, course & collaboration.
      Influenced by Dada, Pop and the New York Post, Instigator wants to urge, start, ignite, advocate and goad the viewer to stop, drop and laugh.
    • j. morrison
      Brooklyn-based artist's new screenprints, multiples, and ephemera.
    • KARMA
      KARMA is a bookstore, gallery and publisher specializing in artists' publications. In addition to its own titles, KARMA stocks periodicals, artworks, artists' editions, rare and out-of-print items and other in-print titles by noted publishers.
    • Kayrock Screenprinting
      Kayrock Screenprinting, Inc. is a barely organized group of raggedy artisans and musicians. They focus on favors for friends and occasionally print limited edition prints and books. The work reflects their varied interests and intellects.
    • Kingsboro Press
      The Kingsboro Press is an LA/NY-based publisher, based around a semi-annual self-titled journal. For the LA Art Book Fair, we plan to focus on our second 12" vinyl record (KBP002), the 9th issue of The Kingsboro Press, and the launch of a new title we are publishing, The Periodical Flesh.
    • Knowsgay
      We hand make small edition publications and objects. We are queer, funny, dark, and colorful.
    • Library of the Printed Web
      Library of the Printed Web is a collection of works by artists who use screen capture, image grab, site scrape and search query to create printed matter from content found on the web. LotPW includes self-published artists’ books, photo books, texts and other print works gathered around the casual concept of “search, compile and publish.” I plan to use the 2014 LA Art Book Fair as an opportunity to launch several new works by artists already in the collection, some of which will be published by LotPW.
    • Little Big Man
      Little Big Man is a US based art and photography publisher, specializing in limited edition publications.
    • Maia Ruth Lee / Peter Sutherland
      Peter Sutherland and Maia Ruth Lee are NYC based artists. They work mainly with photography, painting, and artist books. Please visit their booth. NAMASTE.
    • Miniature Garden
      Miniature Garden is a small publishing project that focuses on collaborative artist books, zines, and posters.
    • Mossless
      Run by Romke Hoogwaerts and Grace Leigh, Mossless publishes photography books and a magazine sourced from internet-based photographers and artists. Their anticipated third issue will be available here.
      NOAH LYON is a multi media artist who lives & works in NYC. Artist books have been part of his repertoire for over 20 years. RETARD RIOT is a punk-rock/hip-hop anarcho artist collective that has been using & abusing copy machines since the early 1990's to make zines, music, buttons, and other slow moving objects.
    • Original Plumbing
      Original Plumbing is the premier print magazine dedicated to the culture and lifestyle of transgender men. Founded in September of 2009 by Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos in San Francisco, Original Plumbing continues to be independently published and distributed out of Brooklyn, NY. The magazine is dedicated to documenting diversity within the trans male community through photographic portraits and essays, personal narratives, and interviews. OP gives the trans male community the opportunity to speak for and about themselves, taking the focus away from bodies and medical transition, and transferring it to a greater experience of their lives.
    • OSMOS
      OSMOS functions as an integrated concept for curatorial and editorial activities. At LAABF we will launch several monographs, such as, Who is the Subject by Turkish-born Nilbar Gures who explores the regional politics and construction of female identity in photographs, performances and videos; Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, a photographic survey of the palm weevil in Italy by Los Angeles local, Glen Rubsamen, and America in Color by Brian Dailey, whose mobile studio travelled 20,000 miles and took over 1,200 portraits of people who expressed their political identity through the selection of colored backdrops. We will also present photographic editions and OSMOS Magazine.
    • Paper Monument
      Paper Monument is a print journal of contemporary art published in association with n+1 and designed by Project Projects.
    • Pau Wau Publications
      Pau Wau Publications is an independent publishing collective dedicated to the production of small run & limited edition publications of contemporary photography. Our handmade process invokes a craft-based tradition that employs modern technology to create publications that we hope engage and inspire a dialogue on form, display and image.
    • Paul Mpagi Sepuya
      Paul Mpagi Sepuya is a Brooklyn-based visual artist making portraiture and related works in photography and print - zines, books, and collaborations. He will be presenting work from his developing project SOME RECENT PICTURES / a journal as well as past books and print editions.
    • Peradam
      Peradam is a publishing group specializing in small-run artist books. Each title is designed and produced in collaboration with the artist.
    • PIN-UP
      Magazine for Architectural Entertainment.
    • PINUPS
      Pinups is a pictorial transformable from book to poster. Large dot patterns appear abstract in book form but coalesce to reveal a giant portrait in poster form. For the L.A. Art Book Fair, Pinups No18 will be ready for exhibition along with back issues and special side-projects.
    • Primary Information
      Primary Information is a non-profit organization devoted to printing artists’ books, artists’ writings, out-of-print publications and editions that are vital to contemporary dialogues and artistic practice.
    • Printed Matter, Inc.
      Now in it’s thirty-fifth year, Printed Matter, Inc. is the world’s largest organization dedicated to artists’ publications. We offer over 18,000 titles by 6,000 artists, including new and vintage books, periodicals, audio, multiples, ephemera and other primary materials by artists. Our programming includes exhibitions, launches, special events, publishing, and the NY Art Book Fair.
    • Project Projects
      Project Projects is an award-winning multidisciplinary design studio in New York. Combining writing, editing, publishing, curating, and design in a variety of experimental configurations, the studio's output includes independent publications, artists' editions and multiples, and large-scale monographs and catalogues, as well as the Inventory Books paperback imprint.
    • R. A. P.
      R. A. P. is Rand Renfrow, Aidan Koch, and Paul Windle. We make books, zines, comics, art prints and more. Formerly known as Family Friend.
    • Richardson Magazine
      Richardson is annual publication based out of New York City. The magazine explores the intersection of art, culture and sexuality. It features art and writing from a wide range of contributors including: Harmony Korine, Dash Snow, Michael Schmidt, Carolee Schneemann, Richard Prince, Terry Richardson, Nate Lowman, Bruce LaBruce, Annie Sprinkle, Jim Goad, Dan Colen, Steven Klein, Jenny Saville, Takashi Homma, Otto Muehl, Katherine Dunn and many others.
    • Scott Hug
      I'm a NYC artist who likes making artist's books as part of his practice. For 10+ years I self-published my famed counter cultural art fanzine, K48 now in the collection of MoMA. In 2008 I was selected by AA Bronson to represent the NY Art Book Fair with a limited edition artist's book.
    • Secret Behavior
      Edited by New York based artist and curator James Gallagher, Secret Behavior has a simple focus: human beings and contemporary art. It is a beautifully printed publication that seeks to reveal what might otherwise stay hidden; a publication that intends to sit and stare at truths and experiences that often just vanish. In so doing, Secret Behavior will expose emerging artists, celebrate unrecognized works and honor contemporary masters. It is a magazine full of feelings, flesh, fucking and other normal things. One that celebrates beauty, ugliness, desire, mystery and solitude. That recognizes our common and uncommon mental states, physical forms and sexual experiences. Secret Behavior is an exciting new publication made by human beings, about the dirty, mysterious, beautiful secret that we all share: no matter what happens, we remain human.
      The girls in SISTERS use drag as a platform to experiment. They are less concerned with the idea of drag queen as female impersonator, and more interested in drag as alien.
    • thingsthatfall
      Thingsthatfall is an artists' collective dedicated to investigating the political economy of art, and celebrating the vital role that direct commerce plays in making contemporary art more pleasurable, more accessible, and more subversive. We print most of our books in-house, on demand, and do all trimming and binding and gluing by hand. Published artists/subjects include AA Bronson, Jay Chung, Jonathan Monk, Jorge Pardo and Sturtevant.
    • Ugly Duckling Presse
      Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit art and publishing collective producing small to mid-size editions of new poetry, translations, lost works, essays, and artist's books. The Presse favors emerging, international, and "forgotten" writers with well-defined formal or conceptual projects that are difficult to place at other presses.
    • US (LA + Austin + NYC)
      Us is a decentralized design collective currently based in Los Angeles / Austin / New York City / Amsterdam / World Wide. Us is about investigating the meaning of collaboration; beyond traditional notions of face-to-face working models. Us is a space for experimentation + creating work that engages different levels, forms, and communities. Us is Tom Ahn + Nic Sanchez + Ramon Tejada.
    • Vasta Images / Books
      Vasta Images / Books is an international seller based in New York City specializing in the body, the nude and the erotic arts. Focus for the fair will be artist's books, photography books, periodicals and ephemera, circa 1960s-2000s in our areas of specialty. Our presentation will include material from the collection of the late John McWhinnie by arrangement with his estate.
    • VUU
      VUU is an independent artist collective + publisher based in Brooklyn, New York, with an emphasis on photography.
    • WAX Magazine
      WAX Magazine is a biannual print publication focused on art, culture, and surfing. Founded by two graphic designers and a writer, WAX aims to find meaning both in and out of the water. Each issue is organized around a theme, with water serving as a central framing device.
    • White Columns
      White Columns is New York’s oldest alternative art space. In 2010, it celebrated its 40th year of continuous activities.
    • Wizard Skull
      Ronald McDonald is no clown. He is a hulking mass of man — with powers granted to him by The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. He does not hock burgers, he wields a mighty deep fried sword and he defends the universe. And on his off days he's an underwear model who regularly shows up Marky Mark. Hey, stranger things have happened — and this strange strange world is the world Wizard Skull creates. Wizard Skull is a self-taught artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He makes zines and is the undisputed beard champion of Bushwick, Brooklyn
    • zingmagazine
      zingmagazine is a project-based contemporary art publication founded in 1995 by the artist Devon Dikeou. The format of zingmagazine is comprised of rotating curatorial projects. We would exhibit our newest issue #23 (released September 2013) featuring projects by Agathe Snow, Andrea Zittel, Walter Robinson, Marcel Dzama, William E Jones, Okay Mountain, Jene Highstein, Aubrey Mayer/Margaret Lee, and more, plus a book 'The Zenobia Scandal' by Patricia Cronin and poster by Kenny Scharf. We would also bring select back issues and other related zing paraphernalia.


    • Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books
      Ampersand presents monthly exhibitions of contemporary artworks alongside a curated selection of anonymous found photography, printed ephemera & works on paper by unknown or outsider artists. Our publishing practice serves as a corollary to exhibitions, providing a printed medium for artists to expand upon ideas & to extend their artistic vision beyond gallery walls. For the LA Fair, we will exhibit our own publications, works by published artists & selections from our vintage printed matter inventory, including prints & vintage photography.
    • Container Corps
      Container Corps is a design studio, offset printshop, and bindery in Portland, Oregon that serves as a platform for the creation, distribution, and discussion of new arts publications. The books we seek to publish are collaborations between artists and their ideas and our skills as editors, publication designers, and printmakers. They are works of art in multiple, rather than documentation of works in other media. Our vertically integrated design/build studio allows ideas, materials, and technique to coalesce into a fully realized type of publication that conceptually engages with the form of the book and the processes of book production. Special titles available at the LA Art Book Fair will be new books by Lucy Skaer and Philip Iosca. The fair will also be the premier of Appendix, a new book documenting the five-year run of acclaimed Portland artist-run exhibition space Appendix Project Space.
    • Division Leap
      Division Leap is a gallery devoted to archives, ephemera, zines and artist books. We host exhibitions and events and publish both contemporary artist books and historical monographs. Member ABAA, ILAB.
    • Monograph Bookwerks
      Monograph Bookwerks is a fine art book and object store in Portland, Oregon focusing on contemporary art and artists. For the fair, along with rare and out-of-print books on art, design, architecture and artists' books, we are presenting an extensive collection of artists' ephemera from the New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC gallery and art scenes of the 1960s and 70s, primarily relating to the fields of pop, minimalist, conceptual and land art, and including exhibition documents, posters, mail art, flyers and announcements.
    • Publication Studio Portland
      Publication Studio publishes original books on-demand with writers and artists we admire. Our books are made one at a time, only when bought, which reduces material, financial and consumerist waste. We attend to the social life of the book and strive to create a public out of publication using any means necessary to have the book reach its public. We would be bringing both art and literature books that we have published since 2009, including new artist books and forthcoming novels in our Fellow Travelers Series.
    • Red76
      Red76, a collaborative grouping with its origins in Portland, Oregon, creates activities which often investigate the intersection between education, social and political histories, and the use of media to manifest new affinities and transparent, accessible, political nodes. The group in one form or another has been active since 2000.


    • Daily Life Storage
      Daily Life Storage is a series of limited edition portfolios and other projects generating an ongoing and admittedly peculiar archive centered around queer creativity. As the collection expands it rests somewhere between art, scrotums, piss and kinkos.
    • Gottlund
      The Gottlund book house is an independent publishing project started in 2007 by artist Nicholas Gottlund based in Kurtztown, Pennsylvania as well as Los Angeles, California. We maintain a program of publishing books and limited edition multiples collaboratively with artists. Our books follow in a lineage while being innovative and forward thinking. We strive to have our books to have our books communicate with utmost clarity the vision of their source. For the 2014 LA Art Book Fair we are highlighting our 'Year of California Books'. In 2013, we published nearly a dozen editions by L.A. based artists including Steven Baldi, Sam Falls, Zoe Ghertner, and Jacob Kassay. Our space at this year's fair will showcase these editions as well as accompanying wall works and related process materials from their production.
    • J&L Books
      J&L Books is a non-profit Atlanta/New York based publisher of art books.
    • Justseeds Artists' Cooperative
      Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a collective of artists with members working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico creating print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. We believe in the transformative power of individual expression in concert with collective action.

      Rhode Island

    • Headmaster
      Headmaster, the biannual art magazine for man-lovers, is a project-based publication featuring original projects in a variety of media. Produced in an edition of 1000, Headmaster will be releasing its sixth issue in January 2014.


    • Marquand Books
      We will exhibit Chris Byrne's The Magician, several contemporary artists limited edition books that we produced, and a selection of art museum and contemporary art titles.
    • Minor Matters Books
      Minor Matters is a new model for publishing contemporary art books. We select artists, develop a book idea with them, then present it for sale online for six months. If at least 500 people pre-purchase during that timeframe, the book is printed, and those first 500 people are listed within the book. Inaugural projects by Larry Fink, David Hilliard, Anna Mia Davidson, Joseph Park, and Elias Hansen.