omega aqua terra replica watches

The Seamaster Aqua Terra replica watch from Omega has been marketed by the watch manufacturer since 2010. This is a comparison review between Omega Aqua Terra 41.5 watch and its 1:1 replica version.

It is particularly appreciated by watchmakers who appreciate, among other things, its unique design, its complications and the materials used in the manufacture of each piece. Among the elements of this mount worthy of careful consideration are the dial, caliber, sealing and special features of the case. Despite the perfection that characterizes the layout of these different elements, the Seamaster Aqua Terra from the Omega manufactory is sold at an affordable price in official boutiques and certain websites. Everyone or almost everyone can acquire this unique and durable frame.

omega aqua terra replica watches


The characteristics of the Omega replica Seamaster Aqua Terra 41.5 watch

Among the elements that make the Seamaster Aqua Terra a particular replica watch are the dial and the co-axial movement. The dial has been designed with pure respect for the "teck concept": it is covered with polished vertical lines and lined with super-white Luminova. The hands and the sindex of the watch face are covered with 18 carat gold, and they shine by projecting blue reflections in the dark. In addition, the manufacture has sublimated the automatic movement of the watch by adding a coaxial caliber 8500/8501. This caliber, which also includes a stopwatch with a COSC Cotes de Geneve certification, guarantees that it has been designed according to the rules of the art and pushes the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking. This self-winding mechanical watch with a very sporty appearance usually has a stainless steel case very resistant to glass. Its round shape perfectly matches that of the opal silver dial.

Manufacturing Metals and Price of the Omega replica Seamaster 41.5

There are three versions of Seamaster Aqua Terra 41.5 replica watches that differ from one another in the color of the case. In addition to the common steel version, there is also a 18-carat red gold version and a third version that combines the two metals, and is renowned for its solidity. Each version of the Seamaster comes with a unique bracelet, but the red gold version is very popular due to the alligator brown strap that comes with it. This watch was quite expensive on Omega's partner websites at the beginning of 2011.

First, the whole quality is good, put them together and hard to pick out the fake one

Holding the replica in hand, the feeling makes me like wearing my own genuine Omega watch and can't find big difference between them. After wearing the replica for several months, I feels it is a little lighter than the real watch, the edge of the bracelet sometimes scratch my hand, which is not as smooth as the genuine, besides, the case of the replica is slightly a little thicker.

The dial color has no difference. Fonts and letters spacing are also very accurate. The length of the hands are also like the genuine. The case is 1:1 original polishing.

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