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Created since 1848, the brand Omega designs different varieties of replica watches, whose value for money is excellent. Omega replica is a legendary watch factory which was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt and has been perpetuated by his family. Known for its precision and robustness, it was worn by famous people and proved its worth during the Olympic Games. Indeed, for the manufacture of its watches, the brand uses a specific technology where quality is paramount.

Nowadays, the Omega replica brand, although a traditional watch, is still trendy. To possess such a fake watch is like having an imperishable jewel, a work of art. Despite the tough competition, quality has always been a priority of the brand. That's why many celebrities chose it, the quality being priceless. Perpetuated by the Brandt family, the Omega brand travels on land as well as to the moon, oceans and Olympic stadiums and around the wrists of people who aspire for quality. Even today, it keeps innovating, to the delight of its customers.

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A family tradition passed down from father to son

Based in Bienne, Louis Brandt was only 23 when he started his business. His two sons joined him in 1877 and the company became "Louis Brandt & Fils" two years before his death. In 1892, the company became "Louis Brandt & Frères". It is above all a family affair, because from generation to generation, the Brandt family has perpetuated the brand and thus transmits the traditional art of clockmaking. In 1894, the company released the caliber Omega 19, a work of François Chevillat. This model was a great success, and the company became one of the leaders of Swiss watchmaking. Since then, it has definitely taken on the name of Omega. From success to success, Omega became the official chronometer supplier to the Olympic Games in 1932. It was later to become the official supplier of all the other major sporting events in the world, such as those in Los Angeles, the Olympic Games, Turin The year 2006 or Beijing 2 years later and the next 2 years in Vancouver. Then came the Seamaster range in 1948, which had its glory on the wrists of Commander Cousteau during his dives in 1970. But the Omega brand was also part of the voyage to the moon in 1969, thanks to Neil Armstrong who Wore a (Speedmaster) during his lunar trip in 1969.

The ranges offered by the brand

To satisfy its customers, Omega replica has created models that can meet every need. The Seamaster replica is a sporty model, robust and waterproof, ideal for diving and is the pride of all sportsmen. The Constellation is luxury personified, its perfect design gives you prestige. Geneva is purely simple quality, it is for those who love simplicity and beauty. La De Ville is for those who love fashion, novelty, sparkle, trend. The Speedmaster is the famous chronograph worn by Neil Armstrong on the moon. It has passed many tests, such as being resistant to cold, heat, relative humidity, vacuum, shock, corrosion and wear. Decompression, acceleration, acoustic noise, vibration and suppression are what made this fantastic watch the happy choice of NASA. The famous Caliber 1310 or "Ant" is a quartz watch, small size and easier to use, it is probably the best in its field. The range is developing even more, but rather slowly in terms of design. Indeed, the Omega brand focuses mainly on quality and a little less on design. This does not prevent the creation of new models such as Cosmic, Pilot's, Petrograd, Officer's, Tonneau reverse or Centenary. In short, a whole series of innovations that can embellish your wrist.

High-tech design

Featuring "Co-Axial Technology", the silicon spiral and a Liquidmetal alloy associated with ceramic, the design of the Omega watch comes down in one word, quality. This is the foundation of Omega's success. The quality is present in each material used which composes the watch both in the case, the movement, the bracelets, the hands and even the dial. The steps to design the Omega watch follow a very precise order, drawing in 3D then molding, then the prototype and finally the final product. This mode of design of Omega watches has been handed down from generation to generation since 1848, which is what also forged its brand image. Indeed, Omega replica watches are made in a precise way, studied and manufactured in a very professional way.

In general, the movement can't be cloned the completely same as the original, although it is 1:1 replica, the movement only be manufactured the same as the genuine in appearance.

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